Thursday, May 21, 2009

"And I’ll taste every moment and live it out loud I know this is the time, this is the time. . . "- David Cook

This is the first time in Idol History that Emily has been left with a dissatisfied feeling with the results. Not that Kris Allen is undeserving, because he certainly is adorable and a good artist and blah blah blah, but I found him quite boring!
I wasn't totally into Adam either, sometimes he sounded like he was imitating a black woman in a baptist choir on Sunday, and meaning as he's a dude it kinda threw me off a bit, plus Angie hated him so it made it difficult for me to appreciate what he had to offer, I will say this, I really feel like the Gay community really needed this win on idol for a morale boost, I mean they've suffered a few loses this past year, and I feel kinda bad for them! :) Apparently the Christian community banded together once again and pulled the rug out from under them.. . . . . . Oh I'm just kidding, nobody better read this and go all crazy on me in my comments box!

Anyway this past season I've enjoyed some things even though I didn't get the ending I wanted, and so now I present to you my. . . . .

Top 5 Favorite Moments on Idol this season!

5. Norman Gentle's Top 36 Performance-

OK so I'm not exactly sure why he sang the same song over and over again, but when he hit that stage and started jabbing at the audience between phrases, telling someone to hold his glasses and giving shout outs to Sean Patrick Harris, I was like this man is funny, and promptly forgave him for the repeat song! And I still think he's funny and someone should give him a job, especially since he made it all the way through Hollywood as a goof, I respect that!

4. Danny Gokey Channeling his inner Temptation!

Although I didn't care for his song choice during Mo-Town week, I did love and appreciate the fact that he took the time to synchronize his dance steps with the back up singers, as a nod to how they really did things back then.

3. Matt Giraud's rendition of "Let's Get it On"-

I love this tune and in the past I've been like. . . ."nobody can top Marvin so don't even try!" but Matt on that piano singing the crap out of that song made me really happy inside and it was the first time all season I said to myself I must have that on my ipod. It was my most favorite performance this season!

2. Adam Lambert's Rock infused "Change Gon' Come"-

Another untouchable song that you would normally think no white man could justify doing due to it's meaning, I mean it was written in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement if I remember correctly. For some reason though, It worked with Adam, I don't think any other contestant could have pulled it off.

1. Bikini Girl getting her just rewards!

Well maybe not making it to the Top 24 could be considered justice, but the icing on the cake was after she came sashaying across the stage with the new girls out for everyone to see, I couldn't help but smirk when I saw the look of fear and uncertainty on her face as she started to sing (out of tune mind you!) the Mariah Carey jam she auditioned with especially after she fained such confidence previous to that moment. Oh also news flash bikini girl if you have to wobble your chin to accomplish some what of a vibrato. . .well then you are doing it wrong! Anyway that's not even the best part, when Kara came out and completely showed her up, and they shut off bikini girls mic and she's was all trying to save face, well let me say in the words of MasterCard, it was priceless!

I could have done without a lot of things this time around on idol, for example bringing back the wild card round. . . . . HATED IT! The lip synced group numbers. . . . .HATED IT!!! Queen Latifah's cat suit and the No Boundaries song, (sorry Kara). . . . HATED IT!

But that is the past and I'm hope they make some necessary changes next year.

Now I'm focusing my energy towards "So You Think You Can Dance", and preparing my ears to hear Mary Murphy's squeaks and squeals for another season, man that lady is crazy, good thing the show is SO awesome!
Happy Reality TV watching!
Peace Out!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

You're too much and I'm glad you caught the Queen's cat suit-what was she thinking?!

I voted for Kris, I grew tired of the yelping and quite honestly thought Adam was a ringer all along for his stint touring with Wicked! he had an unfair advantage. Kris really grew as an artist and I'm glad he won.

I'm not over the loss of Norman, Alison, Matt and Anoop-in that order.

Kara's song was sucky to the max, she should really be ashamed of that one!

Until next season!

Jenifer said...

I think Bikini girl had her boobs done. They weren't that big before were they?

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