Tuesday, April 28, 2009

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So remember that one time when I was all jazzed about getting to work at the radio station well pretty much since the beginning of October I haven't been because they haven't had anything for me to do. I got to read the news on the AM station for approximetly a week and then nothing,

Now I got a lot of good feedback from people that heard me, so I'm assuming it didn't have anything to do with me just completly sucking, although I'm not ruling it out, but all I was told was there isn't anything for me to do, so just today I emailed them again and asked if this summer I could do another internship and now i'm waiting to hear back.
I'm not interested in getting paid, I just want to learn, and while I'm here in Moses Lake KDRM is my only hope.

The good news though is that a month ago I got a job at the Boys and Girls club in downtown Moses Lake and they have put me in charge of the Art room.

Now you would think that this would be a dream job for me right. . . .well let me just say while it is fun to think and plan craft projects it's quite another to execute them with 20-30 kids running around shoving eachother and tattle-telling and constantly asking. . .what are we doing? I don't know how to do this? and yada yada yada!

So it's been hard and between this new job the play a couple weeks ago and school I've been crazy busy and didn't have much time to think, let alone blog.

By the way I originally had pictures posted of the kids, but i just found out that's a big no no, so I deleted them!

Anywho, the job is harder then I thought it would be, but it's turning out to be a good thing, and you know how kids are, they drive you crazy one minute and then they do something cute and you forget all about it. . . so it is with the Boys and Girls Club!

Posing for a pic in my art room, the kids love to steal my camera!
Me doing my chores around the club!!! I love garbage duty!!!!!

sweeping up the never ending sequin supply on the ground!!!

Like I said this job is going to be trying on my patience i'm sure, but the positives outway the negatives, and i think I've got a lot to gain from this!Oh and if anyone has any great kid craft ideas I would love to hear about them! my email address is missem_27@hotmail.com, if you have ideas, advice or anything please please please let me know! until then. . . . . .

Peace out!


Katie said...

The kids are ADORABLE! I know you're making a real difference for those kids, and I'm sure they love you to death.I will pray for you to get another internship. :) Keep up posted!

Mindy said...

I'm not going to email you, but here is one.

U gotta buy clothespins, u know to hang up your clothes on the line to dry?

Buy little fuzz balls (not sure what they are called) small, furry and in a ball.

Buy little eyes

Glue the eyes on and hte fuzz balls to make a catepillar. On the bottom of the clothespin cut magnet strips and glue on. Tada, u got a catepillar magnet for the fridge! I am trying to find a link that will show a picture.


DJ and Melissa said...

Sweet, I actually do have ideas! I majored in early childhood education so I spent 6 months teaching 3 & 4 years olds. I believe the lessons are relatable to older children.
1. Plan activities that do not need specific outcomes. This means rarely plan an art activity that requires the kids to make something that looks exactly like something you made. You can give them ideas and themes, but the important thing is to let them CREATE! Supply the room with a variety of objects from colored paper, to paints, to q-tips, rocks, ect.
2. Teach techniques like cutting hearts, drawing faces, mixing colors, etc. When techniques are learned, kids will be more prepared to do the crafts when they are presented. You could teach a variety of skills leading up to a specific craft project you have in mind.
3. Never do anything for them! Once you draw one heart every girl will ask you to do it for them. Once you write one kids name every other kid will want you to do the same. Once you do one thing, every kid in their will think its better than theirs and they won't want to try. The best artwork comes from a kid's mind who has been prepped with skills.

So avoid the crafts (Mother's Day and May Day are appropriate exceptions) and start teaching skills. Let creativity happen. They'll be more engaged in the activities. I promise.

Anonymous said...

Hey Em! You work about a block away from my place! Let me know if you want to pop in some time! Very cool that you are working with them. I talked with their director a couple years ago about having my org partner with them to do chess as an activity, but got distracted by my divorce at the time. Think they'd still be interested? Also, creation of a coat-of-arms on a cardboard knight's shield would be a fun activity. Whatever it takes to bring chivalry to the kids!

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

The "kid" with the self-made sponge bog is Hunter. He's one of my neighbors, and my kids' friend.
Looks like you're having a ball!
It's a long ways out, but check out my Thanksgiving turkey craft on my blog for an idea, or my St. Patric's day craft here.