Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy."- F. Scott Fitzgerald

I was thinking last night as I was watching Idol, what my reaction would be if I was to meet Paula, Simon, Randy, and now Cara. Sometimes people get on there and kind of embarrass themselves, and I'd like to think I'm secure enough with myself to just be myself, but then I remembered that one day when I met one of my heroes and things did not go as planned.

When I was in 5th grade I wanted to be one of 2 things a Rodeo Queen or a Country Singer! And If I could emulate any one's life at that time, it would have been Reba McIntyre's! I seriously loved her! I had almost all of her Cd's, I watched everything she was on. Including that "Buffalo Girl's" mini series that was on TV as well as Tremors, and North all because she was in them. I even read her book! My Sister's husband at the time Ken worked for KWIQ the local country station here in town, Reba's tour was coming around a month before I turned 11 and my sister and her husband hooked me up with not only floor seats to the show, but backstage passes as well for my Birthday! How awesome right? Needless to say I was a little excited!

So, the night of the concert my Sister gave me a little pep talk about how I needed to make sure when I met Reba that I didn't talk her ear off because she was a busy lady, just get up there and make it quick, and so mentally I was like OK I'm just gonna be cool, no problem, but I was determined to say something that would make her remember me and think "I like this girl she should be famous!"

The concert was friggin' awesome like I had expected, and I'm pretty sure I irritated the pants off of the couple in front of me because I was singing at the top of my longs all through the show, but I didn't care I was watching my idol perform and wishing I could get up there and perform with her.

Then the time came for the meet and greet backstage we where all herded into this room and we were asked to form a line and one by one each fan gave Reba what they wanted autographed and then poised for a picture (her Husband was the one taking them) I felt my stomach twist and turn as I got closer and closer it didn't take very much time before it was my turn, as I approached Reba with my picture and poster for her to sign my sisters words echoed in my head, "don't talk her ear off" but then my inner self responded back with "do something to dazzle her this is your chance to make an impression!"

This was our conversation. . .

Reba- Hello, what's your name?

Me- (said in a shy voice)Emily

Reba- That's a nice name

Me- Thanks

(Poise for the picture)

Reba- Have a good night!

Me- Thank You

That was it! I just froze up, and couldn't think of anything cool to say. There wasn't even any, "Hey Reba You're my Hero", "Hey Reba I wanna be just like you", "Hey Reba nice hair". . . .nothing! Completely unmemorable! But at least I didn't "talk her ear off" like what was expected of me!

Here's the photo from that fateful night. . . . yes that's me. . . .and yes I am 11 (it's hard for some to believe)

Believe it or not that was my favorite shirt at the time, I got it at Kmart, it was one of those two for one deals where the vest part was actually just half a vest attached to the front of the shirt. You know me I've always been classy!
What this leads me to believe is that I may not be very good in front of famous people, I haven't met anyone famous since then, and meaning as my skills weren't so hot, it might be something I need to work on!
Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?


T.Allen-Mercado said...

What a cute story Emily! I have no advice for you, after living 30 years in NYC and working in fashion-I don't get star struck anymore...Unless it involves Dave Matthews or Vincent D'Onofrio-then I might make a fool of myself. I'd say, just be yourself-I think you're phenomenal!

angie said...

we could give you all the advice in the world...but let's be are one of kind and most likely there will some level of awkwardness when you meet a famous person...but hey...good stories!

Auntiescary said...

3 brushes with fame: 1. Joel Grey (yeah - that Joel Grey from Cabaret) was walking thru the lobby of the buld I worked in in Mpls - I stopped him & asked for his autograph and all I had in my purse for him to write on was my food journal for a weight loss center I belonged too. NICE!
2. Doc Severinson (from the Johnny Carson show) was walking thru the same lobby but instead of me being nervous to approach him -- HE was hugging the walls and avoiding eye contact -- guess he's just a shy guy. 3. In the same lobby - I met Jay Leno and lied to him that I was going to his show that night so he would give me his autograph. Wow! looking at who I thought was famous -- I'm showing my age. I't alwys fun tho and jsut be yourself -- if you have a good time they will and if they don't they won't remember you long enought to tell their friends or put out a "DO NOT TALK TO EMILY" bolo. Angie's Cousin Julie

Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

HAHAHA Your story had me laughing so hard! I hope you can meet more famous pepole one day.... and I hope I'm there with you when it happens!

Lani said...

You make me laugh ya know! and really I just think with that hair Reba had, that would've left me without words too! ;) I think you would do awesome with AI ;)

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