Friday, January 2, 2009

" it's a new dawn, it's a new day. . . . .and I'm feeling good!"- Michael Buble

It's official my friends!

My blog is a year old!

I went back and read my first post about my News Resolutions and here's a little recap for you.

Emily's Resolutions for 2008-

1. Lose the chins!
2. Keep on top of my music studies
3. Kiss more boys
4. Move out of my Parent's House

Emily's Accomplishments for 2008-

1. Lost 10 pounds gained 15 (2nd chin expanded)
2. All I can tell you is that the key of Bb has 5 flats. . . . that's about it
3. The beginning of the year looked promising, but gusto for this resolution fizzled out and I went back to being a big fat prude!
4. Yeah I actually did this one!

But all that's in the past! It is now currently 2009 and the Year is my Proverbial Oyster. . . . what ever that means!

I have compiled a new set of resolutions for 09' and they are as follows


Grow Up!

It's now time for me to make more adult decisions, I have relied on my family and friends to take care of me for a while now and it's time I started living more independently. I'm going to make wiser choices with my money, and start planning ahead instead of living moment to moment, holding to my word not only when I make promises with others, but with myself also. I will however not stop ordering Hi C if and when I eat at McDonald's! Sorry Angie!


Get My Chords Whipped into Shape!

So apparently your vocal chords are just like any other muscle in your body, they need to be stretched and warmed up in order to function properly. I've been neglectful of a lot of physical things in the past, but my voice box especially took a back seat last year, and it's time to get it healed, because I really miss being able to sing and even talk normally. I signed up to be in the Jazz ensemble at Big Bend and I'm hoping that being in Choir again will help me with this quest. And help me find out if it's not just the fact that I haven't been practicing. It's time to figure out the problem and fix it, because this world with out singing is not my favorite!


I'm Headed for a Heartache!

I've been taught my whole life the importance of Opposites in all things, and just like you must know cold to know hot, or ugly to appreciate beauty, you can't know love without loss! This year I'm in the market for a Heartbreak, just so I know how it feels and then maybe appreciate real love when it comes my way! Not to mention the greatest songs, books and movies where made from having your heart broken, and I wouldn't mind having that kind of muse if something great came from it. . . . we will see!

Lastly. . . .


"Esse Quam Videre"

To be rather than to appear

I don't wanna be a person about appearances, This year I'm going to work on doing things because it's the right thing and not because of what I think people will think of me!

Nuff said!

In conclusion I wish you all the happiest of New Years and I wish you all the best of luck in making your resolutions happen! Oh and thanks for reading and commenting this past year I have continually been uplifted by all of your messages and words of support, say what you will about what blogging has done to us socially, but I know I have gained a lot from this whole blogging experience and am excited for what's to come here on mine and all of your blogs as well!

Peace Out


krystind said...

I like your last one. Doing things because it's the right thing.. love it.

Jenifer said...

I like the last one the best. I think it is the most important and gets easier with old age. (I'm older than you, so I can say that :) ) Good luck with them all!

angie said...

i'm thinking that with the amount of excitement that you showed today over kaiya's barbie toy that the growwing up thing might be your toughest thing!

Anonymous said...

I thought we were NOT eating McDonald's anymore? hee, hee
- Nette

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

This was a fun list to read Emily...really fun. Next time I'm at a school function I'll save my Hi-C for you.

Samantha said...

I love catching up on your blog. I'm going to go add you to my reader right now so I don't miss any more posts. I love your resolutions. Although heartaches! It's actually a romantic idea, but oh heartaches- I'd rathere still aim for the more kissing.