Monday, February 2, 2009

". . . .I said Hey, What's going on!" -4 Non Blondes

I need to get something off my chest and then no more Idol chat for a few days!
Did anyone else think the girl that won all those singing contests and got her trip to Puerto Rico paid for by them, was actually good, because I did and I was in almost as much shock as she was that she didn't get through, and they made it sound like she was just ghastly, Paula even said she was borderline shrill! I mean granted she was pretty loud, and maybe things sound a bit different in person, but the song was in tune and I thought she had a fairly nice tone, maybe a little breathy. But what really annoys me is that stupid Bikini girl made it through and she wasn't any better then this girl!
So what bugs me, is time and time again they let girls through that are not up to caliber, but because they are cute (and skinny) that puts them over the edge and they get a ticket to Hollywood! Simon's the biggest culprit of that, does anybody remember the Hawaii auditions when this girl butchered a Martina McBride song , and because he was obviously only paying attention to one thing, he let her through!
Anyway whatever, I really think if this girl looked like that Bikini girl, she would have been given a 2nd chance! That was annoying!

On a happier note. . . . . This guy was my favorite audition of all time!

Get ready to laugh your face off if you haven't already!

This guy is my American idol! Hands down! I don't think he's gonna make it very far, although I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I think it's amazing that he was able to pull his whole act off, at the end you can tell he thinks so too!

I can't wait to see what Hollywood week has in store!

Until next time. . . . peace out!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Of course I'm first! (I promise I'm not stalking you-I just finished teaching and there you were) I thought she was mediocre at best, which is not to say that she wasn't much better than a few people that were put through on looks and personality. My husband and I joke that Simon makes his mind up on some women (read: African American, Latina, tall, thin, curvaceous-in any order or combo) before they even take the mic. Keep your eye on his pen, once he removes it from his mouth and makes that yucky coy expression-he's smitten and they're going to Hollywood! Same could be said for Paula who is seemingly in heat throughout the auditions as well! Blecch! No worries, our votes will soon count. You do vote, dont'cha??

Samantha said...

I was surprised they didn't put her through too. Or was at least nicer about it. And I thought that guy was hilarious. When he said "it's addictive- the key change" (or whatever he said) he sounded like Buster from Arrested Development.

Jenifer said...

I agree with you. Bikini girl was dreadful. And not that pretty if you ask me. Of course, I was looking at her face. I loved that guy too. I'm glad they let him through.

Lani said...

You are right on girl! Of course they have choose look! it is TV! but of course if you are a guy is not that big of a deal, Crazy! Now that guy, he at least has to get to the top 5, he is entertaining at best! LUV him! ;)

Piper said...

Stupid Bikini Girl! Cannon and I no-likie either. I say, keep up the "Idol talk"! We love to talk about it too!
ps- now I'm sitting here singing your title song while I'm typing. better than singing in the shower, hey?

Lacey Vee said...

Emily that was hilarious! I never pick up on Idol until hollywood so i'm glad you posted it! I think you should watch it and just think Corky from Waiting for guffman...I could totally see this guy going home to "Bite his Pillow" :)

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