Monday, January 5, 2009

"Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun"- Doublemint Gum

Has anyone noticed the twin epidemic that is swiffering the World of Hollywood right now?

I mean obviously there has been a baby boom in the biz! Many a Celebutant is rocking the baby bump like it's the coolest thing since velour track suits and Ugg boots.

But have you noticed how many of them have ended up being sets of twins?

Here's a little time line for you. . . .

I think Julia Roberts started things off in 2004 when she gave birth to her twins Phinnaeuus and Hazel

Not to be outdid, Diddy (Sean Combs) in 2006 with his then Fiance Kim Porter had little baby girl twins named. . . get this

D'Lila Star and Jessie James (apparently named after their grandparent's)

Elvis Costello and Diana Krall that same year had Twin boys named Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlem James

Marcia Cross and Hubby Tom Mahoney welcomed Twin girls's Eden and Savannah early 2007

Then of course Patrick Dempsey comes along with Twin boys Darby and Sullivan

In '08 things start to get crazy. . . . . .

You got J. Lo and Marc Anthony with Twins Max and Emme

The most famous of the bunch the Jolie-Pitt twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline

And even though I could not find an image to prove it Lisa Marie Presley gave birth to two twin girls named Finley and Harper in October.

And Ricky Martin (who we will be discussing later!)

Had twin boys named Valentino and Matteo

But just when you thought we where done. There's Charlie Sheen and his Girlfriend Brooke Mueller as well as Rebbecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell made announcements last year that they are expecting twins sometime in the next few months!

I mean call me crazy but I was under the impression having twins was not all that common.

And Twins in Hollywood. . . . weren't the Olsen twins holding their own for a while there? It wasn't until Zack and Cody came along that they started to get a run for their money!

Every time I turn around someone else is on the cover of people with two babies in there hands!
How crazy!

Now, let's talk about Ricky Martin. . . . . .

Ricky Martin has been making women swoon since he started Puberty, and has only gained more and more female followers as the years have pressed on. . . . I mean look at him he is a fine specimen of a man! Now you'd think that such an attractive, successful, and sensitive male would have no trouble finding a woman to settle down and start a family with?

Well it's either tougher then we think or He just doesn't like Women because Ricky is flying solo and playing Mr. Mom (no nannies mind you) with his Twin boys that he had via a Surrogate Mother.

You may remember Clay Aiken pulling a similar stunt this last year announcing that he was going to be a Daddy with his best friend Jaymes Foster sister of David Foster (one of the masterminds behind the careers of Celine Dion and Andre Buchelie) She was artificially inseminated, and a few months after the baby was born, Clay comes out of the closet!

Can anyone out there name me one heterosexual male that wants babies more then he wants a woman?. . . . . .If not, I rest my case.

And really I have no choice but to contribute this scenario to my list of "Ways I Know You're Gay"

I'm gonna sandwich that one right in between "You can sing every song from the musical Wicked" and "You own a mesh shirt"

Awe Ricky. . . . .why are the cute/nice ones always Gay????
Peace Out!


Han*Gaert said...

You are so clever! It is pretty peculiar that all these celebs are having double trouble left and right. All I can say is thank goodness it's them and not me! HA! They have the money for it, right? lol!

Love Nichole

Anonymous said...

Clay didn't use a surrogate to have his baby. They are raising the baby together as mom and dad.

Mindy said...

YES! I want to know why the good men are gay! WHY?! If you find out please tell me!

Emily said...

Um Anonymous did you miss the line where I said Jaymes Foster was artificially inseminated? Because I went back and checked. . .it's in there! And I'm glad Clay and Jaymes are raising the baby together or however they arranged it, the problem is He came out of the closet, which means I can never raise a baby with him because he likes dudes. . . .Kapeash?

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