Wednesday, January 7, 2009

“Vacation is what you take when you can't take what you've been taking any longer.”- Unknown

As I was trudging through all the ice water ponds on my way to class today, I was really longing to be somewhere warmer and a little less soggy!

The weather has been so crazy and normally I'm not a big complainer about what's happening outside, but the last two months have been hard to enjoy with the below freezing temperatures, icy roads, and the massive amounts of snow I have to continually clean off my car, and it doesn't help that I've been longing for a vacation something fierce!

I was thinking about my trip to Mexico I took with my friends back in '04 and how much I'd love to be back there right now lounging by the pool at Happy Hour double fisting my virgin Margaritas!

Does anyone else have the crappy weather blues????

Well I don't have anything to cure that, but I do have a distraction.

I have of course some highlights from one of the funnest/warmest trips I've ever taken. . . . may this take you to a good place and help you forget about your cold feet for at least 5 minutes!

We met some local celebrities. . . . mainly Two Mexican guys that looked exactly like the rapper Mos Def, and Wilmer Valderrama aka F.E.S from That 70's Show.

And I've said it for a long time, but if ever in my life I feel like apostatizing from the Church, I'm moving to Mexico and marrying the first drunk man that hits on me, because let me tell you I'm kind of the Belle of the Ball there.

Pictured on top here is my Vato from LA, apparently his Jersey costs $300 dollars, and he wasn't trying to get with me, these things he kept assuring me all while getting way to close and personal for my taste!

I got a some ink, and my hair in braids!

We went on what was called a Jungle tour. . . . (PS there was no jungle just a lot of mangroves) And our Tour Guide who we dubbed the "Bird Whisperer" summoned every pelican in North America and landed them on our boat. This is Mindi and I getting an up close a personal look!

By far one of the fondest memories was us girls serenading our pulmania driver with "I wanna know what love is" when it came across the radio. Pictured below are a few other special moments we shared.

This is a definite MUST DO in Mexico!

This is what I saw. . . .AMAZING!!!!

In case you hadn't guessed that little spec in the sky is me!

Angie's a good time anyway, but on vacation she's even better! She's pictured here with her favorite security guard (top left), her favorite beverage "Pepsi Light" (top right), her favorite dance spot which is on the table! (bottom right) and her and Mindi's favorite outfits (bottom left)

we can get pretty authentic Mexican here in Moses, but I don't get hit on as much at Inca!

Mindi's food still had eyes. . . . . I don't eat anything with a face, Mindi's always been braver then me!

Dancing on the Bar at Bora Bora, Coyote Ugly Style!

Ok, I feel better, I think I can face reality now!

Peace Out!!!!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

You have way more fun than I! I love dropping in to read of your adventures. I'm sorry the weather has been sucky, hopefully it'll all be over soon.

BTW Please, no apostasy and no drunken esposos from mexico por favor. :D

Carolyn said...

Oh man, I wanna go to Mexico! That would be great fun. And, it would be away from the snow....even better!

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

Yo coincido con Senorita Mercado - no esposos de Mexico!
And I thought my post was long.....but I'm with ya on this dreary weather. Enough already!
Thanx for being a life-saver on Friday. My intent was not to get offers of help. Just to vent. I LOVE this town!


Living in the middle of Texas, you'd think I'd gone the little ways down to Mexico by now, but no! Loved the pictures, you go and do such fun things!!!

angie said...

could have done without some of those pictures seeing the light of day i wasn't fat at all....yes i was