Wednesday, August 20, 2008

“Storing your car in New York is safer than entering it in a demolition derby. But not much.”- Daniel S. Greenburg

My new friend Tameka proposed an interesting question on my blog on Monday. What's a Carny? Well I think most people are aware that a Carny is the nickname for a Carnival Worker usually the creepy ex felon running the rides at various fairs and festivals, and according to Austin Powers they have small hands and smell of cabbage.

To me it's just another name for White Trash! And If you've spent anytime in Moses Lake and worked at all with the public you know we got a lot of them!

Now listen here White Trash/Carny's are not just people who wear Tweety Bird or Taz after 1993, or are missing teeth or wear Pajama bottoms to a job interview (although that's a good sign). There's more to being Carny then appearance, it's a way of life.

If you leave your baby in the car on a hot day, If you have a Calvin peeing on something decal on your truck, If all of your children have been takin' away and you continue to have children, if you yell obscenities at your kids in public, or If you can't even spell system but are smart enough to milk it for all it's worth, then you are most definitely a Carny. You get the jest, right?

I've noticed that for some odd reason Carny's are drawn to 3 places. . . . . .

1) WalMart



3)Demo Derby's

Now I suppose this might pose a question for some of you about the state of my carnyness, meaning as I frequent Walmart (Hairspray's cheaper there) I work at WorkSource and I actually really love Demo Derby's! To this I say judge for yourselves, my point of this blog is make sure it's understood when someone is called a Carny and to also tell you about one of my carniest, guilty est pleasures.

Last Wednesday was the annual KWIQ Demolition Derby, and I know I mentioned that I really wanted to race this year, but unfortunately we didn't get the car finished, but no worries it's just more time to prepare for next year, and come up with a kick trash idea for decorating! Gwen has already dubbed my car "The Radillac" (because it's my Dad's old Cadi), and we have some pretty neat stuff in store, so we'll see if we actually make it happen.

. . . . But I Digress

This year I hit up the big show with my Sister and her Husband Darin and we sat ourselves in the Beer Garden. . . . .because there ain't nothin' quite like drunk Carny's!

I would have parked it by Gwen, Diedra, and the Quincy crew (all pictured here but not in that order) but there wasn't enough space for me and the fam! But don't worry they promised I was with them in spirit!

Turns out Dale Roth ( Family Friend that hooks me up with Singing Gigs and got me a job at the Radio Station) and his Daughter Jennifer Smith where sitting in front of the Quincy crew what a coincidence!

This car here won for best decorated which i thought was super lame because they won last year with the same idea. . . . you shouldn't win 2 years in a row with the same idea. . . . now that's uber carny!

Oh and if you'll notice the stream of dirt clods flowing behind this car, imagine being sprayed by that every time a car went by at a high velocity of speed. It's not pleasant if your wondering, bad idea on sitting up close!

This is my good buddy Erin Lawson aka Caraway's ride, she won one of the powder puff heats, check out those pipes in the back, pretty sweet huh?

This next guy got rammed and steam shot out of the car like a geyser, and I was like who needs to see "Ole Faithful" after that! It was amazing!

This is the second car that got flipped that night, the first was in the one of the Powder Puff races and I mean I've never seen those derby guys run faster to get in there and save the day, and they brought the fire truck in, and pretty much shut things down, and this dude flips over and every one's all non chalant like "it's cool guys, just tell him to walk it off". I guess chivalry is not dead!

Another sweet explosion of steam and metal, plus that guy has a fin on top of his car, and it looks like a dinosaur.

I'm telling you the sound of two smashing cars never gets old!

fire in the hole!!!!

So say what you will about the noise, endless time trials, and effects on the environment, but when you don't focus on the negative the Demo Derby can be pretty awesome, it's kind of like Hockey I'm not a violent person, but sometimes there's just something amazing about people fighting and bashing into each other, as is the case with the derby cars. Cars smashing and crunching or flipping over or losing parts, all sweet and make me stand up and shout! So that pretty much sums that up, now if you'll excuse me I'm off to buy some beer with my food stamps in my mu mu and curlers!

until tomorrow

Peace OUT!!!!!

Does that answer your question Tameka, and do you still wanna visit?


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I got it now! Nothing like the depletion of the ozone layer and Walmart to bring the worlds finest together! Thanks for this insightful posting...I can't wait to tell my other friends what I've learned!

Katie said...

Ummmmm . . . Please add I-Hop to your list. After working there for two summers (once after I promised myself I'd never work there again) I can honestly say that breakfast food attracts more white trash than flies.

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