Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I, wanna talk about #1 Oh My Me My!"- Tobey Keith

It's Take 5 Tuesday!!!

1. 5 things you're good at.

-Attracting crazies
-Naming the artist that’s playing in the background music
-Talking in a lateral lisp
-being late
-Welcoming the awkward turtle in the room

2. 5 things you wish you could say to someone.

-“There should be a rule, if you can’t fill out the application because you’re too stubborn to learn new things, then I guess you can’t work!”
-“Um, hanging out with your 50+ male, married boss, is kind of creepy, so it’s probably not gonna happen.”
-“That actually drives me crazy when you do that!”
-“Oh come on her body’s gonna end up looking like mine anyway!!!”
-"Diet advice makes me wanna punch you in the face!”

3. 5 times you can't help but smile.

-When I download the jams I’ve been dying to hear
-When I get a message from blogspot telling me someone commented on my blog
-Watching someone trip and/or fall (especially Lacey) because it’s never not funny!
-Wearing a new Outfit

4. 5 things you do for fun.

-Take Naps-Plan Themed Extravaganzas
-Read Wedding Magazines
-Watch TV with my Buddies

5.5 CDs you own.

-Future, Sex, Love Sounds, Justin Timberlake
-Sister Act II Soundtrack
-As I Am, Alicia Keys (Thanks to Angie)
-Legally Blonde the Musical (ditto)
-ABBA Gold (I’ve had it for years thank you very much!)


Mardis Family said...

I DEFINITELY look forward to seeing a notification that someone commented on my blog, too!

Jenifer said...

I love comments! And I am thinking I would be the awkward turtle, unless I don't really know what that means. Love naps and people falling down:)

Michelle said...

Really? You read wedding magazines? Anything good in there??

T.Allen-Mercado said...

hahaha. I'm kind of an awkward turtle...I like that expression too.

Abba, huh? By any chance do you play these Abba tunes at your dances? I'm no expert on cool-but I just may have figured out why your peers prefer bobbing for pig's feet over dancing! *wink*

Lacey Vee said...

Hilarious Em! Glad my Klutz disorder can make you smile! Love ya!


I can't help but atleast crack a smile when someone trips too. I try so hard not to burst out laughing...I inherited that from my mom!! I laugh at myself when I trip...I completely believe in laughing at myself when I do stupid stuff...it makes life more amusing!! Anyway, I've always thought you are a very funny & fun person, right up there with my little sis Stacy! I hope things are going great for you!!

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