Monday, August 4, 2008

"Pizza, Pizza"- Little Ceasar

Today's blog post is dedicated to one of my favorite places to eat in Moses Lake! There are a lot of places that flood me with memories and this place is one of them, every summer we'd come here when family was in town and My cousins and I would constantly hit up our parents and Grandma for quarters so we could play songs on the jukebox or get a high score on the video games, or if you where me, I'd save all the money I got and sneak over to Sights and Sounds and buy the latest Ace of Base single on cassette tape!

Anyway, in Moses Lake you see a lot of people come and go, but I'd be willing to bet if you had people list their top ten favorite things about Moses Lake, Chico's Pizza would top the list! I mean Angie's Brother is a Chef in New York, that is home to some of the greatest pizzeria's around, but when he comes home, he always makes it a point to eat there. . . . .because yeah, It's that good!

So Friday Michelle invited us (Me and Gwen) to go with her and some new friends from Royal City. Wiley, Tom, and Dana. And we had a gay old time!

This is Tom and Dana, they are engaged, I think they should use this as their engagement picture!

What's Wong WiWey, Why Awe U Frwowing?

That's better, Gwenny gets it!

Apparently we weren't the only ones who thought Chico's on friday night would be awesome, Here's Nette Nette with her Family!

And Then Surprise, Surprise, who else do I see, but my very own parents. . . . .Awkward!!!! This is my Mom with not my Dad that's George Whitney long time friend of my family

And Here's my Dad blending into the crowd with that yellow hat, talking to some guy he went to High School with! I guess every first weekend in August some of the friends my Mom and Dad Graduated with get together for a little mini-Reunion, and where do they go every year. . . .Oh Yeah Chico's Pizza! I forgot that was that particular weekend. . . . how silly of me!

Ah The Jukebox, you never could really hear your song choice over the usually crowded dining area a buzz with lively chatter, it never stopped me from jamming out anyway or making special dedications.

"This was the place I found out about condoms. . . .What's this machine got in it Mom?" Thanks Chico's!

In my day you had to save them up or bum them off of any adult with a wallet, now they have a machine that provides them for you. . . . it's about time!

This is a new addition to the arcade, and is apparently unbeatable because Gwen and I couldn't seem to get the F'n crabs back to there home!
I will whack you in the face CRAB!!

Sometimes things seem like a good idea for some people. . .

. . . .But not so good for others!

I could think of a lot of cliche Terminator or Clint Eastwood movie quotes to throw at you right now, but I'm just gonna let these photos speak for themselves.

Even my Mom Joined in on all the fun!

All in all it was a very pleasant evening, and I was appreciative of the reminder of how awesome Chico's Pizza is! I seriously have had so many good times and good meals there, and it's one of those places that makes me super excited about the place that I live. Moses Lake is a small small town and it's beauty is surpassed by many other places, but Chico's Pizza is one of the many things about Moses that make me forget how much I dislike Sage Brush, the smell of the lake after a hot day and the fact that we have 5 subways and no Wendy's.

Gwenny decided to rock all the accessories I had stored in my purse, I think she really makes this look work for her!

You're Silly WiWey!

I can't believe I ate the Whole THING!!!

Bunny ears really??? Like that's original!

Well I guess that's all for this edition of cool places in Moses Lake, Until next time

. . . . . Peace Out!


krystind said...

i'm so hungry for some cheesey chico's pizza right now. We must take jeff there when we come up for labor day. Oh, we're coming up for labor day.

Ashley said...

Love Chico's!

It is a staple in our family as well. Infact, I think they come to visit Chico's and we are just the cherry on top...hmmm. Either way I win!

Norm said...

I miss chico's so much now. We are so going there next time I come to town.

Carolyn said...

Oh Brent is so excited for Chico's when we come home next week. He really, REALLY gets excited when he thinks about it. I think he even drools a little bit...

Lacey Vee said...

Oh chico's man i miss ML sometimes! Guess what i'm hitting up ML for sure next July! It's going to be my grandma's 90th bday....CRAZY!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Big bad boring day for me so I perused and perused until I arrived here! Your blog post had me smiling from beginning to end-I'm ready to google Chico's and see if there is a Wyndham timeshare nearby, pack up the kids and cats and head on out! Thanks for sharing.

Portia said...

I love chicos.....oh that sounds soooooooooooooooooooo good right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know we should catch up one of these days girl.... and eat at the best pizza place ever...chicos!! I liked little ceasers breadsticks to!!! Miss that place!

Katie said...

Oh!!! I was just thinking about Chico's the other day. You have made my cravings even more intense! I WANT A SLICE!!!

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