Thursday, August 21, 2008

“Do what you fear and fear disappears.” - David Joseph Swartz

About 2 weeks ago we had a ward camp out, and we the activities committee ( Me, Gwen, Michelle, and Jordan Baker) planned a slam bang function for everyone to participate in! We called it "Fear Factor Friday"

The first event-

Bobbing for Pigs Feet

Object of this game was to get as many Pigs feet out of the cooler as possible in the allotted time frame

Doesn't that look delightful, and Kylee was a champ! She dug right in!

Warren Jones aka Warren G

Sean aka Guitar Hero had a rough go in the beginning because his shoulders didn't fit in the first cooler, but he worked it out!

Ande bit off a little more then she wanted too . . . .and I mean that literally, as you can tell by the look on her face she's not excited about what's in her mouth right now!

Sarah Boyce is a commiter no doubt about it!

I think this is a double shot of Martin who because of his shoulders needed a second shot as well, and once he gave round two a go, he dominated!

Brandon Platt doing his imitation of a wet dog!

Group shot! Don't those look yummy?

It was either Warren or Martin that dominated with 5 pigs feet, but Rhoan Ashby gets props from me because he was able to get three in the original cooler we set up in, and no one else could!

2nd Event-

Mystery Food Challenge!

Each contestant drew a number and was given a special bowl full of delightfulness assigned to that number drawn, and the top two that finished the fastest would move on to the finals.

Let's see Guitar Hero had canned Bamboo Shoots, Warren with baby meat sticks, Sarah had Spinach and Potato baby food (the smell was not super awesome), and Brandon had a rough time with Cocktail Onions.

Our top 2 finishers for round 1 where Sarah and Warren

Round 2 we had Martin with Bamboo Shoots, Kylee with stinky cheese that looked like Parmesan but smelled way bad, Ande with pickled Okra, and Rhoan with the grossest of all Tamale sauce soaked sardines

You can tell that cheese must have been really fun to eat!

Martin and Ande took it for the 2nd round

3rd Event-

Secret's in the Sauce

The object of this event was to suck up as much sauce in the straw as you can and spit it back out into a mason jar and the person with the most in their jar by the end of the alotted time was the winner!

These are our final 4 contestants Warren G, Martin Roylance, Ande Payne, and Sarah Boyce

Sarah and Warren off to a good start

. . . . .look at those faces

Ande and Martin where neck and neck for a while there. . . . .

And the winner is. . . . . .

Martin Roylance!!!!

Here's Gwen presenting him with his oversized check!

You wanna know why there are no pictures of me, I tell you why. . . because I have a horrible gag reflex, and. . . . . . I'm a pansy! But these people really stepped it up and did what they had to do, I'm impressed. Now if only I could get them to dance at my dances! Appparently people would rather stick their head in Pig Feet Juice!

Well, to each his own!

Peace Out!


Mardis Family said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I'm a huge fan of Fear Factor, and am sorry I missed this, not being a single and all....see ya at Safeway!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Gross yes, but it does look like a load of fun!

Portia said...

wow pigs feet that is how come they didnt have all this fun stuff when I went...JELOUS!!!! I love fear factor what a great idea for a theme!!!!

Piper said...

eeeeewww! I would have heaved for sure! You know some brave folks!

Michelle said...

Awesome play-by-play friend. I feel like I was there...oh wait, I WAS! ;o)