Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."- Thomas Edison

So don't you worry blogging friends I have some amazing posts lined up for this week because it's Grant County Fair Week here in Moses and this last weekend we had a Single Adult activity, so plenty of stuff to talk about, but no pictures and believe me. . . you want to see the pictures, and speaking of which I noticed the other day I've got a few shots I haven't gotten the chance to show you, so here are some dandies I've managed to get this summer. . . . please enjoy!

Every year the Single Adults in Wenatchee and Chelan put together this Lady of the Lake activity where they rent a barge and have a dance on it and then have kids stay the night and the next day have like devotionals and service projects and recreation time and blah blah blah, we just went to the dance and by we I mean a whole slew of us fly single ladies from the ward!

This is Shad Forrester and I sharing a moment when he asked me to dance!
Whenever we have activities Michelle likes to play a game called "lets take the worst picture of Emily possible". . . . this is one of her more successful shots!

This is me attempting to strike a very modern pose out on the dance floor!

Some of you may not know this, because she will deny if you ask her, but Ellerey Ena is actually a good dancer. . . .you should ask her to do her signature lucky fin move sometime!
This shot is of Michelle, Me and Liberty Baker doing our impression of us smushed in the car on the way to the activity, it was awesome! Good thing we are all friends!

And Here's our whole crew! Yes all seven of us hoped in Mama Stoker's Durango and hit the town!
In the back it's Michelle, Myself, and Gwenny on the sides Miss Ellerey and Diedra Kofeid and the front row is Amber Berguson and Libby!
No love connections where made unfortunately, but don't think I wasn't perusing the crowd because I totally was, but I think most boys where too excited about the amazing Techno jams that where being played, or rocking out to every song on the NOW 5 disc. . . .it was almost as if "All The Small Things" had just come out, judging by the reaction of the crowd, and it was then I decided I would not like to date any boy who considered that his "Jam"
This is me with Marcia Asay, she offered me one of her Mu Mu's when we went over to their home for a BBQ after church. . . . how could I refuse because those things are comfy!

I know what your thinking. . . .Oh my Gosh is that Bruiser the dog from Legally Blonde?
No, it's Bruiser my co-worker Tabitha's dog. . . .almost had you fooled didn't I!

These next two shots are of some Carni's who where kind enough to let me take a picture with their stuff.

I sort of need this Pimp hat in my life!

HMMM which inflatable shall I choose Spidey?. . . or Shortcake? Life's full of tough decisions!

This is a nice shot of me with Aunt Maxine who is Angie friend Tamu's Aunt. She was in town for the twins Graduation and Isaiah's baptism just like us! I really really really am kicking myself for

a) Not getting a picture of her fabulous bag, two words leopard and rhinestones.


b) Not getting some kind of recording of her playing the Piano like she would for her Baptist choir back home! She made it the coolest Baptism I've ever been too!

Make sure you look closely because sometime in my life I will own glasses that are completely covered in crystals like hers and see how her hat, dress, and shoes match! MAN! Why don't we dress like this at church!!?? I'm going to admit it right here and now, When I grow up I want to be Aunt Maxine!

We got invited to go with Tamu and her family to a graduation party for a friend of their family, This is us in the kitchen pretending to actually be having a conversation. It's Angie, Me, My BFF Johnny Walker from my BYUI days, and Tamu's daughter MiKayla.

This is our imitation of celebrities being accosted by Paparazzi. . . .pretty good huh?
This is Angie and Jay Jay, the cutest little boy in the whole world! I fell in love with this kid while we where visiting in Utah!

One stop on our trip to Provo was at Krystin and Jeff's soon to be old apartment so we could have dinner with K Dizz and her hubby, and not only did she make us dinner, but she gave us some parting gifts as well, Angie's is "Butt Creme" for diaper rash and mine is a Spinal Tap T-shirt. . . . best ever!!!!!

Please stay tuned because I have many more zany stories and pictures to thrill and entertain you!!!! But for now. . . .

Peace Out!


Katie said...

Oh! I was just thinking of the Grant County Fair. I'm quite jealous. I told Chad, at some point I HAVE to take him to one, just so he can see the highlight of the year in good, ole Moses Lake

Jenifer said...

Fun times! You look so pretty and happy! I'm not a dancer, but that looked like fun!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Well once again you have me wishing I could come out and play...Aunt Maxine's ensemble is way fancy, I wanna be her when I grow up too! :)

Jordon and Terra said...

Hey Emily! I just found your blog and was so excited! Your pictures look like lots of fun and I'm so jealous the fair is this week! I haven't looked into it much, but I haven't been able to find a fair here in New York! At least not one that compares to Grant County Fair!

Piper said...

Woooo hoooo!!! Fun summer! I hope you de-loused your hair after wearing that carnie's hat!