Monday, March 17, 2008

"They're always after me lucky charms. . . . why does everyone always laugh when I say that!" -Irish guy in Austin Powers

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!!!!! I'm sorry for the sabbatical I took from the blogging world last week. I was in Yakima for a conference and they had this ridiculous excuse for a business lounge so I couldn't blog, the good news is I have plenty of stuff to talk about this week!

I love holidays, and I love going all out and making those days as special as possible. Most of the time I fail and build them up to be better then what they are, but I guess it's the thought that counts?Anyway, St. Patricks Day is especially disappointing, because all I can do is dress up, everything else associated with this holiday I never participate in like. . . . drinking. . . no matter if it's jello shots or green beer this is not a favorite holiday pass time I can do, and it's a shame because it seems so festive.

Getting kissed because I'm Irish, my Grandma says we do, and my Padre says we don't, there's a chance I could have some Irish in me, but I haven't done the research to find out for myself. . . . .which means I'll probably never know!

Reuben sandwich. . . . um A)Sauerkraut whose idea was that? B) Rye bread, double Yuck!, and C) There is something kinda weird about corned beef it just doesn't make sense, why is it called that? I don't understand there fore I don't eat it!

I think I should start my own St. Patty's day traditions, like only using Irish Spring soap, Eating Lucky Charms, or only watching Movies with Colin Ferrell in them. Does anyone else have any fun and exciting ways to celebrate this holiday mainly used for an excuse to get drunk?

So enough of my rant on this topic here is a list of some of my favorite Holidays, and why I love celebrating them.

New Years Eve/Day-

You get dressed up and can wear silly hats or crowns, it's expected of you to stay up late, and unless you work somewhere kinda lame you get the day off to recover from the party! AWESOME!!!! New Years, for me rarely disappoints!


2 words. . . . NEW DRESS! Always the best part of my Easter Sunday, my new digs, and sometimes a hat! Oh and the Easter Candy wasn't too shabby as well!

Valentine's Day-

Even though it's a day people celebrate the kind of Love I don't currently have in my life, I still Love the idea of it, and I hope someday I'll learn to love it like the people around me that actually get stuff on that day love it!


This is kind of a Duh! but I love the carols, I love the shopping, I love the whimsical feeling it fills my heart with. I love the marathon of "A Christmas Story" and the countless cheesy hallmark or lifetime made for TV movies about the miracles that happen during this special time. Christmas rocks my world not just because of the gifts, but there so much about this holiday that's special!

Pioneer Day-

Ok so only Mormons celebrate this holiday, but when I was a school we had this day off, and it usually was like the funnest day of the summer! Of course the whole Mormons crossing the plains thing is pretty special as well. . . .I guess, but the fact that we had the day off and nobody else did was something to be excited about!

My Birthday-

I think someday this may actually be a National Holiday, So you might as well start thanking me now for the greatest holiday of them all. Birthdays are special I don't care what anyone says, and I love celebrating mine!

Also I wanna wish a big "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" To My Favorite Sister and Brother in Law, Amy and Darin!!! I hope you guys have a good one, and I Love You more then my luggage!

Peace OUT!!!!!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

I absolutly LOVE that picture of you, so so cute!!! Was your outfit actually that green, or did you fix it up a little? my guess it was probably that green, but I was just wondering!! I love the little bow in the hair!! You look HOT!! oh and I hear ya on the ruben sandwiches!! David tried to feed Cambree sourkraut and she literally spit it back out in his face, I was laughing so so hard!!! But I do love corned beef, but also wonder why it is called that....?

Anonymous said...

Okay were in Yaka-Vegas and you didn't call...I'm a little offended ~Mindi

krystind said...

yay for sisters and anniversaries!!! i love the green outfit, and your hair looks adorable. Classic emily smile as well.

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