Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"If I Could Turn Back Time!" - Cher

I was reading some stuff on MSN this morning about what they don't tell you about being a parent, and it prompted me to write my own list of things I think people should know about, that maybe you where not informed of. . . . . .

Emily's Top Ten Things they didn't tell you about Life after High School!

10. Light Bulbs, tape, hammers, paper towels, and hand soap do not come with the place you move into when you move out of your parent’s home. I can't tell you how many times I went to wash my hands and realized I didn’t have soap, and then went to dry my hands and I didn't have any paper towels. . . . Or when I wanted to hang something up, and I had to use a cup because remember how my Dad owns a tool box, but I don't. It's funny the things you take for granted!

9. This applies to Mormon kids only, and it may seem a bit controvercial but I feel the need to warn you, there is a slim, slim, slim chance you will marry the person you dated in High School. All of my BFF's in High School dated people that I'm pretty sure they had strong feelings for, but while they where on missions, or they just went there separate ways, feelings changed, they met new people, and all ended up falling in Love with someone else, and I personally think it worked out to be someone so much better for them. So to save your self a lot of heartbreak or someone else's heartbreak don't get too serious. . . . That is drama you don't want. Now I know for people like you (Tiffany and David) it worked out. . . .But that’s why I said slim chance. Maybe just do yourself a favor and follow the Prophet's council on this particular issue, I am now more aware then ever the wisdom behind that advice.

8. If you where a big deal in High School, You’ll most likely attend school or work with people who where as well! So don’t think you are still top dog. Ever heard the phrase “Big Fish, Little Pond!” well that’s what I was and I went to school and the role completely 180’d! I began to realize, oh man. . . . . I’m not the most talented person in the world! It was rough! I should have deflated my ego a heck of a lot sooner!

7. Some times you have to move back in with Mom and Dad to get your feet back on the ground and that’s ok because almost everyone has to do it at sometime, you are not alone! Just don’t over stay your welcome. . . . . Mom and Dad start to get crabby!

6. Overdraft Charges + Tears = No Overdraft Charges. . . . .you just need to talk to someone really, sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t depending upon your situation, but if you make mistakes with your finances, don’t avoid it and just hope it goes away. Talk to the people about it, most of the time they will try and help you! Trust me I know!

5. Staying on the Finance kick, if you’re worried about paying for school, don’t be . . . . . there are ways, you just have to ask! And Student Loans are not the end of the world!

4. There are approximately a thousand ways to prepare Top Ramen

If you didn’t stick with Piano, or Guitar lessons, or you didn’t do any plays, or sing in the choir. . . . .You will regret it! At some point in your life, I can almost guarantee you will be sorry you didn’t seize one of those opportunities!

2. Don’t hold Grudges, those that hated you will someday love you and wonder what they where thinking, people change, so learn to forgive! All the boys that made fun of my weight in elementary school and so on, I eventually ended up befriending or mended fences with.

1. The Real World is just like High School, for those of you who think you'll escape the cliques, the gossip, the insecurities, or pretty much everything you hated including homework! You think that's all over . . . . . well your wrong. Every experience I've had since I graduated has had many similarities to my high school years. You will always have the nerds and jocks and popular kids, you'll always have class clowns and suck ups, and Goths. Stoners, Thugs, Preppies. . . .Take a look around your place of work or people watch when you go out, just take a look at the world around you. . . . It is High School but on a much larger scale! There is no escape so get used to it!

Don't forget, anyone who comments this week goes into the hat for a prize. . . . so keep it coming!

Peace Out!!!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

Ok, I dont' want to go into the prize hat, I fear I won't pay it foward...I am in the midst of packing and being DIRT POOR!!

but i wanted to say, I am glad that I got recognition on your blog!!! But I wouldn't say David and I have the typical high school sweethearts story and blah blah blah...! Hello we had the whole drama high school breakup and we didn't speak for 3 years. We both wanted nothing to do with each other, but aparently the Lord had other things in mind!!!! I agree, don't date in high school, you miss out on a lot, and it just creates more drama!!! (but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way, now that I think about it all!!!!)

krystind said...

i like this post!!! and i totally agree with you that overdraft charges + tears= no overdraft charges... haha i've pulled that one a couple times, and it works like a GEM..

Loved this post. Put me in your drawing. hehe

Jenifer said...

I agree with all ten! I loved the one about soap, paper towels, etc. Too true. Where's the hammer? What do you mean I don't have nutmeg? haha.
(I've also gotten out of overdraft charges. My husband knows to send me in ;] )

Katie said...

AMEN TO THE NO SERIOUS DATING IN HIGH SCHOOL! So not worth it!!! How's the musical coming, by the way?

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