Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"I'll Give You Something to Cry About" -Every Parent since the begining of time!

What is the deal with men becoming the biggest pansies when they are sick? You know how men are supposed to be so tough, like when you have to move a couch or a piano "Can we get some men to help us move this?" but give those chukos a stuffy nose and they become the biggest babies!

Since I believe there is only one male that actually reads my blog, I will proceed with my feelings on this subject!

My Padre is pretty tough, he's been involved with the rodeo scene his whole life, he was in the military, he was a football player and a wrestler in high school, I'm pretty sure he has had all sorts of experiences with pain, that I probably couldn't even imagine! But every time he gets a cold, it's almost as if the world is going to end! I never hear more moaning and cries of discomfort, and reminders of how sick someone is, then when my Dad gets the sniffles, now to his credit, He got lambasted with this bug that's going around, and he's been a champ and only missed work once, good for him, but every other time. It's seriously like he's on his death bed! "Emily. . . hack hack, phlegm phlegm. . . . would get your sick old Dad a glass of water?. . . . .cough cough weeze weeze!" "AHHRGGG, cough, cough I'm so sick!!!" ACHOOO ACHOO. . .. .UUUHHGGHG!" If I was doing this in person, you would be laughing your heads off!

Today I've had to listen to one of my Co-workers explain 4 times in the last hour wait make that 5, how he's allergic to flowers and his wife brought some home, and he can't get into to get a shot until this afternoon. . . . . and groans and moans like crazy! This guy rides dirt bikes, and was also in the military, in fact he's a disabled veteran for heaven sake!!! But man this hay fever's really working him over!!! I just think it's so funny! NOW 6. . . . really Darrel?????

I'm pretty sure studies show that woman have a higher pain tolerance then men. . . . because we should, I mean Hello Child Birth? And don't get me started on cramps! And my former examples should be enough to convince you that women are superiour! SO THERE!!!

Anyway, also annoying people feeling the need to tell me i'm doing great when I'm not!!!! Where's my constructive criticism huh?. . . . . how am I supposed to get better if you don't tell me what to improve on? I'm all about promoting good feelings and making sure you don't hurt anyone, but geeminy christmas enough with the sugar coated remarks that you don't mean! There has to be a way to accomplish both tasks without being annoying, and so far that's not happening!

Ok enough of my ranting. . . . . I'm totally done! Just so you know I've been planning on posting the documentaries I made with my roommate Ruby at the conference I went to, but I've fallen asleep 2 nights in a row waiting for those things to load! So pretty much sick men, sugar coaters, and blogger videos need to shape up or ship out, because I can't take it anymore!



angie said...

i totally pictured you doing an amazing impression of your dad in my head and it made me laugh.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

OH it is SO true!!! Boys are the biggest babies when they are sick. I tease David about it all of the time, and he admits that he is a big baby when it comes to sickness!

Anonymous said...

In my own defense, I rarely get sick, but when I do, it is usually a pretty nasty deal. My biggest whines come from my chronically sore feet. I feel like a sap when I go hiking with friends and such because I whine about that a lot.

krystind said...

Who and what about the sugar coating you're getting?

Jenifer said...

Check out the man cold on youtube. It is so hilarious. You will pee your pants laughing! (I'm a blog stalker, I love your blog! I linked from Angie and I linked her through Piper....) Hope you don't mind!