Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"I DOn't Know Just What To DO With Myself!" - Cameron Diaz in My Best Friends Wedding

Ok so I pretty much change my mind about what I wanna do with my life like everyday! To quote from the color personality book, I'm a total "Blue" because it's nearly impossible for me to make a decision.

I'm feeling the need to make a decision ASAP, because I'm not getting any younger, so any insite from my friends would be much appreciated. Here's a list of dreams and aspirations, some practical and some not so much, but tell me what you think?

Dream 1- Before leaving BYUI I changed my major to Communications, with the intention of getting involved in Broadcasting, mainly Radio. When I listen to the morning DJ's on 107.3 and now the new DJ on 96.7 I think. . . . I could totally do that job! Most of the time Reisha and Little Mickey are not that funny! They say dumb stuff and sometimes get pop culture references wrong and I wanna call them up and say "HEY, get your facts right crazy face!" And then the this guy on the Wenatchee station I think his name is Connor, every Tuesday and Wednesday does commentary on American Idol, and I'm like HELLO why don't I have that job? I would dominate! Also kind of annoying, he always has moments of dead air and awkward silences and I'm thinking I could totally do his job like 100 times better! How sweet would that job be! Spinning my favorite tracks all day, talking about all the celebrity gossip I read about and the television shows I watch, and on top of it get paid, that would be amazing! I'm not sure if I have a voice suited for radio, but in a rural area like this, does that even matter?

Dream 2- I've been involved with activities in the Singles Ward here and Rexburg for like 4 yrs. Not to mention all the random parties Lacey and I or Me and the Ladies through together on our own dime. So I feel I'm pretty qualified to be some kind of event planner. My Aunt Eilane majored in recreation and she had a job where she planned activities for various events around Utah, and I'm thinking that kind of job would be super awesome. Now the only draw back is I need someone like Angie or Lacey that has the amazing ability to make things happen, I'm pretty good at coming up with ideas, but some times my executions aren't super amazing. . . . .something to work on right? Also Gwen and I have been talking lately about planning parties for a living! Her and I if I do say so myself are rockin' the Singles Ward Saturday Activities right now. . . . . Glow in the dark soccer (Thanks Elder Beck for the idea!), Singles Ward Prom, Live Jam Pack Jam, and coming soon American Gladiotors!!! I mean we are doing big things, and everytime we go to Walmart we think of new fun and exciting stuff. Now to be able to do that and get compensated! SO SWEET!

Dream 3- I've worked with customer service a lot, and even though I really hate retail, it felt so good when I was able to help someone find just what they needed, and it put a wonderful feeling in my heart when they smiled and said thank you with sincere gratitude, even if it was just finding them a pair of shoes to match there outfit. . . . .not that big a deal, but it made me feel like I did something important. Well so far with my current job I've had a lot of those same experiences. The other day I helped a lady consolidate her resume, and fix some things that needed correcting, and it felt so good to be able to help her out, that I thought you know I could really do something like this, I think I really enjoy helping people in this capacity, I really appreciate the purpose of WorkSource and I think it's a cause I can really get behind and be passionate about. Finding a good job is a big deal and a lot of people especially in Moses really need help, and to be able to push them in the direction they need and aid them in doing things that change there life for the better is so rewarding! And also, the good feelings I got from helping that lady totally overshadowed the smelly guy I had to work with earlier.

So that's my story. . . . .anyone have any feedback? I changed the setting so people who don't have a blog can comment anounimously (just leave me your name, so I know who you are!) Plus tomorrow is the last day to leave comments before I do the drawing, so double rewards helping me figure out my life and getting a prize. . . . what could be better?



Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh! I think you would be the best radio voice ever. I would totally listen to you. You would be funny, entertaining, play great songs, and make the radio a party! In fact, you would possibly be cooler than the music that you play. I love you girl!

krystind said...

I would nix number 2 and i will email you. I would go with being a radio DJ.... Just hurry and finish your degree, get an internship at a killer radio station, aka, like the one down here in Salt Lake City, you would totally rock it down here, and then work your way up. I can totally see you doing that.

Mardis Family said...

You would totally rock as a DJ! I would love to turn the radio on and hear your voice, instead of some of the droll ones we have around here!
Party planning, not so much, as this town is not oh-so-happenin', ya know?

Anonymous said...

Not to be redundant, but I think you'd do a fine job as a DJ. You have the right voice for it... nobody likes listening to screechy female DJs, and your voice is a bit on the pleasantly husky side.

The event planner gig might be a safer route to go since the entertainment industry is so incredibly fickle.

Perfect situation: create an event-planning company and then buy or start your own radio station.

Katie said...

One thing I've realized since graduating is that you don't have to keep doing what you graduated in. Half of my roommates are doing things now that had absolutely nothing to do with their college majors. Even I am starting to think about doing something other than teaching. All that matters is that you have a degree, and then you can do pretty much anything. Why not try a combination of all three of your options? I think you should definitely pursue the degree in communications, because I totally ditto everyone else's comments: YOU ARE PERFECT FOR THAT! Just because you get a degree in that, doesn't mean you can't have a party-planning business on the side. Everyone needs some extra cash, right? PLUS, being a radio celebrity would give you the chance to advertise for your business, and more people would want you to plan their parties! AND, you can volunteer to help at a place like Worksource and still help people like you love to. The fact is, you are a fabulous, dynamic person! You are going to be great at whatever you choose to do =-)

Mardis Family said...

So, when are you going to be a DJ? Just kidding. Check out my blog, as there are some awesome pics of you in the play!

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