Monday, March 24, 2008

" Now I Know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me " - ABC Song

Hello Blog Friends. . . . I've got writers block so here's a tag that's been floating around the blog scene!

Also I won a Pay it Forward on Beka's blog, so It's my turn to give! Who ever comments on my blog, I will put there name into a hat and draw one out the end of this week, and whoever I pick will get a prize and hopefully in turn pay it forward! You have to have a blog to play though! Be it here or somewhere else! Happy Commenting! And thanks for my magnant Beka! You are a GEM!!!

ABC's of Me

A. Attached or Single- Well I was gonna use it for my little known fact, sorry to ruin the surprise, but I'm single!

B. Best Friend(s)- That's easy. . . .Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches

C. Cake or Pie- UGH!!!!! Sometimes making decisions is not my strong point. . . . .cake. . no pie. . . .pie with ice cream. . . .no Ice Cream Cake!!!!

D. Day of Choice- More lately I've been a huge fan of Sundays, because I can sleep in go to church sleep some more take nature walks with Michelle and then watch shows with my other favorite buddies!

E. Essential Item- my cell phone. . . . I literally feel lost without it! Sad but true!

F. Flavor of Ice Cream-Ben and Jerry's makes a delightful concoction called Half Baked, with brownie bites and cookie dough, so amazing! Baskin Robbins chocolate with the peanut butter ribbons, and moose tracks also delightful!

G. Gummy Bears or Worms- Angie introduced me too gummy coke bottles and I am forever changed!

H. Hometown- Mo-Town is my hometown!

I. Indulgences- A month ago I would have said something about food, but I really love clothes and sometimes I over indulge in buying dresses, shoes, or cute shirts! Some would say I over indulge in souvenir buying when we go on vacation, and there was a time when I over indulged in scrapbooking stuff!

J. January or July- who likes January? Let me tell you why I heart January, although the cold is no good, I love wearing a lot of layers so really it's OK, the New Years Party, plus isn't there another holiday you get off in January, American Idol usually begins, and You usually get the best "After Christmas" sales around that time!

K. Kids - Some day when the right man with the right bone structure and incredible gene pool comes around, I would love to have some babies!

L. Last movie I saw in theatre- was Juno, and I really need a hamburger phone in my life as a result!

M. Marriage Date- If I don't have one by 03/24/2028 then, I'm officially becoming a nun!

N. Number of siblings- Just one super awesome Sister that taught me about kindness, music, and big hair!

O. Orange or Apples- Oranges give me those tongue pimples, and are considerably more complicated to eat then apples. . . . I hate soft apples though, and some times red apples look delicious on the outside but are nothing but a big disappointment on the inside. . . . but going off of taste alone, I'd say Apples!

P. Phobias or Fears- The Ocean scares the Bajeezies out of me, the animals, the plants, the depth! I went kayaking one time. . . . big mistake! Some one said they saw sea otters and I was like get me outta here. . . I kept visualizing them swimming over to my kayak and tipping me over. . . .those shifty sea otters!

Q. Quote- My favorite inspirational quote is from the book Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss, and it goes a little something like this ". . . . And Will you succeed, Yes! You will indeed, 98 3/4% guaranteed. . . . KID YOU'LL MOVE MOUNTAINS! So be your name buxbum or bixby or bray, or Mordecai Ali Van Allin O'Shay, Your off to great places, today is your day, Your mountain is waiting. . . so get on your way!"

R. Reason to smile- I'm getting payed tomorrow!

S. Season- Winter! Mainly because of the holidays and my birthday!

T. Tag- "Big Girls Need Love Too". . . . . that's the only thing they could come up with for "T"?

U. Unknown fact about me- Um yep I'm still single!

V. Vegetarian or oppressor of Animals- Give me meat or give me death!

W. Worst Habit- OK, I'll admit I have a little trouble being on time. . . . sometimes, well most of the time. . . . OK all the time!

X. X-rays or Ultrasounds- X-rays because I can actually understand what I'm seeing, Ultra sounds It's just an amoeba looking thing, hard to really comprehend your looking at something a live inside someones tummy!

Y. Your favorite Food- Enchiladas never disappoint! Nor does Angie's Cordon Blu!

Z. Zodiac- Sagittarius!

I'm gonna tag everyone that can't think of anything to blog about!


angie said...

"can you see okay?"
"oh yeah i can see great thanks..."

someday everyone else can join in the laughter with us...

Jenifer said...

I am deathly afraid of the ocean too! I hate not being able to see what is around me. By Mo=Town, do you mean Salt Lake? That is where I'm from!

krystind said...

i'm commenting to win something

Jenifer said...

Ha ha...I thought you meant Mo for mormons! (that how we refer to ourselves at my house...) Hopefully the flip flops will come out again soon!