Friday, March 7, 2008

"... I need to know who put my calculator in Jell-O or I'm gonna lose MY FREAKIN' MIND!" - Andy Bernard (The Office)

My Co-worker Tabitha and I are buddies, we get a chance to bond a lot because we aren't as important as the other people in our office so we have time on our hands to be friends, shhhh don't tell the boss! Anyway we both work with a guy named Eric, Now Eric is a man of many rituals one of which is drinking his morning and afternoon cup of green tea (also known as "Hot Sock Juice") in his favorite mug from Cat Tales the feline zoo in Spokane (I'm sure there is a more official title then Feline zoo, don't judge me Eric it was the best I could come up with!). One day Tab and I where shooting the breeze and decided it would be fun to play a prank on someone, and since we both LOVE the Office, I said why not put something in JELL-O, and I believe tab said, why not Eric's mug, and I said BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

While I was in Disneyland it was Tabitha's mission to confiscate it. The opportunity never presented itself, so we kinda just bagged it. But then the Gods smiled on us and amazingly enough Eric left his mug by the sink before he left to teach sword fighting in Mexico City, and project JELL-O was back on.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I did a pretty good job of pretending like I didn't know what happened to the mug when Eric and I discussed it, so to those of you who think I can't keep secrets. . . . .your still right, I suck at that, but like I said Heaven smiled upon me!

As you know Wednesday's are our "Finer Things Club" night and I invited Tabitha to come, and in honor of that we put our plan into action. Here is how we did the deed, for those who'd like to know!

I got 4 boxes of jello and a four pack of gelatine, but that wasn't enough so last minute steal som from Nette, all she had was orange so the Jell-o turned into an Army Green instead of Lime like I had originally intended. And a plastic container with a lid big enough to fit whatever you want to mold, for a regular mug I recommend upping your gelatine to six instead of four, that way it might even firm up more.

Eric Lovingly refers to his mug as "Pumug" Because there is a puma on it and it's a mug. . . .funny right?

Here's Tab, looks like she means business
Then Proceed with your regular Jell-o making instructions!
When I checked it out online the site I looked at for instructions said to use dentil floss and tape to actually make your item look like it's suspended in the mold, but it ended up being unneccessary, maybe it works better with a stapler. Here's how it works anyway!
You tape 3 strings of dental floss (duck tape works best) to one side, slide the items through the string and then tape the other side, it's not really rocket science!
Then make room in your fridge, because it takes atleast 8-10 hours to set! I left ours in for a good 24 just to be safe!
This morning, because I was late as usual, we didn't have much time to fancy anything up, to get the JELL-O out I took a thin bladed knife and cut around the container, and it slurped right out! We then set it on a platter, and placed it in front of Eric's computer! I tried to get a face on photo of the JELL-O, but Eric was rounding the corner, and I still had to put new batteries in my camera. For the next victim I will be more prepared! I think since Eric reads my blog maybe he should leave a comment and tell you about his reaction. Nobody in the Office except Tabitha and I have really actually watched the Office, so not a lot of people saw the humor in the prank, but they just wait until I throw someones cell phone in the ceiling, then it will get all sorts of funny up in here!
All in all for the first time around, not to shabby if I do say so myself. But I issue this warning. . . . . .WorkSource staff beware because the prank train doesn't stop yet!!!!
Have a GREAT! Weekend and peace out!


krystind said...

that mug is ugly!!! that's so funny though.

Anonymous said...

As your victim, I concede to its brilliance :-)

Em K DUB said...

Krystin what the junk, I told you Eric reads this blog. . . . .why would you say that!!!!!

Reinkei said...

Oh man, Oh man!>.< HOW HILARIOUS! "why would you say that!!"

Anywho, yeah great time! Horrible photos of me, but oh well. We had such a fun time! Can't wait till we think of the new victim.

Mardis Family said...

Yes, I think it's a hilarious joke, and am a little relieved that I don't work with you....jk
I got new blog pics of Joseph practice yesterday. Check it out! And remind me to bring my camera on Tuesday, so I can get better pics.

krystind said...

It had to be said. :)

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