Monday, March 31, 2008

"I Closed My Eyes. . . . Drew Back The Curtain!" -Any Dream Will Do

So after two months of preparation, we finally hit the stage with our rendition of "Joseph and the Amazing Techni-Color Dreamcoat!" And it was FANTASTIC!! If I do say so myself! I can't tell you how many times I had somebody say that ours was the best they'd seen, or it was even better then the Donny Osmond version, which I just really think people have terrible memories, but I was continually impressed with the commitment from my cast- mates.

Comparing this show to my High School experiences I realized maturity makes a HUGE difference! All eleven brothers worked so well with each other no one upstaged another, no one tried to take over or take the lead, if they had any issues they kept them pretty well hidden, and they all blended so well, there harmonies where fantastic! They all found a character and stuck with it, and with very little direction from Toby Black (Our Director) managed to make the scenes flow and fix problems where necessary! I was seriously so impressed with the lack of supervision that was needed. If there was a problem, it got fixed and everyone really put 210% in and I was amazed! I've never been involved with a production that had so little drama, shouting, and annoyances. . . . . it was almost perfect!

I was told Sis. Jones and Sis. Vernal took like 1500 pictures all together, so hopefully I will get copies of some of those and I can post them. I stole two of me off of Beka's blog (hope that's ok?) So you guys could see a little bit of it. I can't wait to get more shots of the costumes, because we had some pretty sweet digs if I do say so myself!

Here's a shot of Me, Jasmine, and Melanie in our Narrator garb. . . . I wish you could hear these ladies sing because they are outstanding. Big thanks to Jasmine for giving some much needed vocal advice. I'm still currently working on trying to sing through my mask! Normally it's me always trying to be the stage Ham, but Melanie kind of out did me in that department, and while it makes me a little jealous to have my title taken away from me, I say kudos to her for not only rockin' the house vocally but making everyone laugh. . . . You are amazing!

This is me back stage getting ready for the Go GO Jo number, hence the wig. Also, I'm counting Potiphar's cash. . . . he won't miss this right?

Here is my top five favorite scenes in Joseph and why. . . . .

1. "Poor Joseph"- Ok so it was one of my songs, but the best part of that scene for me was A) Dr. Vernall's little son dressed up as the goat that got attacked by the brothers, he was the cutest thing. He'd just sit in the wings until it was his time to crawl on and get wrestled around like calf, he was so cute and I'll post some pictures to prove it! Then B) the brother's slow mo sequence at the end of the song. . . .they came up with that all by themselves and it was comedic gold if you ask me!

2. "Hairy Ishmealites"- Pres. Perrins and his son Clark where the camel for the Ishmealites and Clark was the tail end and let me tell you he milked that job for all it was worth, he was shaking his rump at the audience and it was hilarious!

3. "Canaan Days"- This song was so hilarious and I'm pretty sure Dr. Vernall and Shawn Turner have the greatest french accents ever!!! The men sounded so amazing on this song and it also really made me laugh!

4. "Benjamin's Calypso"- Bro. O'Neill's fruit basket hat that he made himself! Not only is he actually a great singer, but he is a crafty craftsmen because he also made his Shepard headdress amazing! Oh yeah and he bought a lot of cars from my Dad back in the day. . . .so I sorta have a special place in my heart for him!

5. "Gravel, Gravel"- I love it when the brothers see Joseph and they have no idea it's him and they end up doing exactly what Joseph's dream said they would do. It's like watching Prophecy come true. . . .plus I really dig the song!

I think this post would be a bit more effective if I had all my pictures, so I'll let you know when I get those posted, so those of you who couldn't see it, know what I'm talking about! If you did see the show. . . . tell me your favorite part. . . .I'm dying to know!

So, anyway I can't believe how much fun I had this weekend, it's so funny because last week I was scrambling for ideas and this week my blog cup overflows. So here is the line up people, Today I'm talking about Joseph, Tomorrow I'm talking about "Mama Mia", The Show Nette, her sister Julie (Hey Julie!) and I saw in Spokane on Saturday that was SUPERB!!! And Wednesday I can't wait to tell you about my amazing Karaoke experience with Nette and her family. . . .seriously it was good times! Until then. . . . .

Peace Out!!!


sarakorbi said...

Best show I've seen. and I saw Phantom is New York. Okay, so it helps when I know the cast. :)But it really was amazing...

Gwen said...

i could be wrong...but i THINK that doctors name is Vernon...not Vernall, but that doesn't stop his goat of a son from being completely adorable!