Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"There is no word to describe its perfection, so I am forced to make one up. And I’m going to do so right now. . . Scrumtrilescent!"- Will Ferrell

A Show that I just might kill to be on someday is Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio. Of Which you might like to know is the longest running show on that network. Sometime in my life I would like to be reputable enough to have James Lipton interview me in front of his students. Mainly because I would like him to ask me the questions he always asks every guest.

Upon much pondering and meditating these are the answers I would tell him, if I was on that show today.

What is your favorite word?

One of the only bits of information I retained in my 11Th grade English class was the word Superfluous meaning more then is needed, desired, or required. I like this word because I immediately thought of how superfluous I am like all the time, I mean I'm constantly sharing too much info,and when I shop I almost always get way more then I need too. So not only is it my favorite word, but if I had to describe myself in one word it would have to be said favorite!

What is your least favorite word?

Pretty much any word for the female anatomy ending in a Y or eee sound. It's a toss up between the T bomb or the P bomb both are pretty repugnant in my opinion. Honorable mention goes to "Panties" there is just something really creepy about that word!

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

I don't wanna sound cliche here, or like a broken record, because I distinctly remember mentioning something about this in many of my posts before, but Music is probably the number one thing that triggers all of the mentioned things in this question. I feel the spirit and meaning of something most when it is communicated to me through music. I think of some of my most creative, spiritual, and emotional achievements and they have almost all had music involved in them in some way. I can't even think of an honorable mention for this one!

What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Dirty or Profane talk.

An example of this is when I was watching the Movie "Crash". When I saw it, it had been edited by "Clean Flicks" so all the swear words and sexual content was gone, and I remember being so overwhelmed with emotion during that movie, I was so touched by it's message, then one day one of my old Roommates was watching the unedited version, and I happened to come in on one of my favorite scenes, and I couldn't believe the amount of work those cleans flicks people went in to taking out all those swear words, because there was a lot! I was pretty shocked and as a result I didn't feel nearly as moved by the story playing before me. Now I've since become somewhat desensitized and things that used to bug me don't bug me as much, but I still feel a pang of discomfort when I hear one too many bad words or explicit language. To me sometimes going straight for the gutter is a cop out. You know what I'm talking about right?

What sound or noise do you love?

I absolutely love the sound of people singing a long to the same song. Mainly at places like concerts, when the artist performing stops and lets the audience finish the song for them and you hear the entire arena or theatre singing the same thing, I love it! It makes me feel bonded to the people that came to see the same show as me. Also, every once in a while I enjoy sitting back and listening to everyone in the congregation at church sing the closing hymn. For some reason it just makes me feel good.

What sound or noise do you hate?

Sometimes when little kids mostly between the ages of 7 and 11, discover they can make crazy noises and decide to repeat their new found talent because they think it's cool! It makes me want to throw myself off a bridge! I really hope I get over that before I have kids that age!

What is your favorite curse word?

Ok Ok if they bleep this word out on the radio and in music videos, then I say it's a curse word! And that makes my answer to this question the word Hoe!

I especially love saying this word when I'm quoting movies like "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". . . . . or pretty much any song by Ludacris!

Don't Judge Me!

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

If I could stand the burning sensation and had the will power to push myself and I looked good in leotards and leg warmers, I think I would be a pretty amazing aerobics instructor!

What profession would you not like to do?

I never ever in my whole life ever want to be a Saleswoman! I never ever want in order to keep my family fed have to sell stuff in order to get paid! My Dad was a pretty successful car dealer for almost my whole life, but it didn't matter how many people he knew, or how charming he could be, sometimes he just didn't sell. It's a little to iffy for me and personally I think selling stuff is more about luck then talent. because if people don't have money, they don't have money, it doesn't matter how bad they want it! Long story short I never wanna work on commission based pay ever!

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

"Let's get you settled into your new place and then I'll tell you all about the purpose of Dinosaurs and who actually shot JFK!"

Now this is not a tag, but if any of you feel the need to answer these questions on your own blog, please be my guest.

With that said I would also like to make mention that these answers are subject to change if I actually do get asked them on television someday, but you heard the originals first right here!

Peace Out!!!


angie said...

you know I will be answering these soon on my blog. :)

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