Monday, December 15, 2008

"At Christmas play and make good cheer, For Christmas comes but once a year." - Thomas Tusser "The Farmer's Daily Diet"

I Heart Christmas music! I really do it is my most favorite part of the Holiday Season not that that's a shock to anyone who knows me, but nothing makes me happier then a little Apple Cider and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on a cold day in December!

Much of you feel the same I am sure, and I would love to know what Holiday Classics you like best but while you ponder that. . . .

I've decided today's blog is dedicated to those songs that I wait all year to listen too and that get me super stoked about this time of year!

"All I Want for Christmas is You", Mariah Carey-

This song tops the list of just about every person I know, how can you not love it? I mean it's upbeat, you've got back-up singers, sleigh bells and an xylophone, and money notes from Miss Mariah. . . . the ones she's most famous for being able to hit! Anyway, I can't help but prance around everytime this song comes on with a big smile on my face!

This is not the original video, but the song is the same so enjoy!

This Christmas- Chris Brown

Well I love Chris Brown I mean pretty much everything he touches is golden in my book! And so of course his version of this song originally sung by Donnie Hathaway captures my heart and makes me wish I could hang all the mistletoe and get to know Chris Brown better. . . . This Christmas! Ha ha ha get it? Anyway, if you listen to the song you will! Also, I should mention almost any song with an Organ playing at some point makes me wanna go to church and get my praise on for that song, everytime!

"Baby It's Cold Outside"- Doris Day and Bing Crosby

You know this song doesn't have anything to do with Christmas really, but I still consider it one of my favorites for the Holidays anyway. It's the cutest little duet ever, and I think the lyrics are funny. And I mean come on ladies how many of you out there haven't been in this kind of predicament eh? I can't tell you how many times the "but baby it's cold outside?" line works on me!. . . . . and I'm totally lying, it was a bold face lie. . . . *sigh*. . . . maybe someday. . . . in the mean time enjoy!

Last Christmas- Wham

As you know I love me some George Michael, and if you ask me this is his finest work! I mean I realize that he is Gay, but the man knows how to sing to the ladies! I get almost as many tingles when he whispers "Happy Christmas" as I do when "Father Figure" comes on. Also, when listening to this little gem of a song I think about how if George gave me his heart I wouldn't give it away. . . . the very next day to boot! Perhaps this year I could be the special person he gives it too to make up for the last!

George if you're reading this. . . I do not re-gift. . . . so call me!

Oh Holy Night- Kelly Clarkson

I contemplated doing a blog poll on who's rendition of this song is the best, Angie's favorite version is Michael Crawford's (the original Phantom in Phantom of the Opera) I've heard a lot of people say Celine does it the best, MOTAB packs a powerful punch and stirs your soul when they hit the "Fall on Your Knees" part in four part harmony. Mariah's is also pretty sweet, in my opinion you are not a good singer unless you can blow this song outta the park. . . . this, the Star Spangled Banner, and Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You" are true tests of a good voice. If you can sing these songs, you can indeed sing anything! I chose Kelly Clarkson's version because as I've dreamed of recording my own Christmas album and doing my own rendition of Oh Holy Night, I'd always thought I'd like it to sound something like this. I guess I better get back to the drawing board, now that it's already been done, but anywho. . . .

There are so many wonderful Christmas songs and I wish I could share with you all every single one that lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face, but we'd be here a while!

Oh and I almost forgot If any of you are big fans of "Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer" the guy that wrote that song is Randy Brooks and he is from none other then Moses Lake WA. . . . . . so "Your Welcome World!"

Long story short, I sincerly hope you are all finding your own ways of feeling the holiday spirit! Regardless of when you believe the Saviour was actually born, or what the purpose of it all is, this time of year has always been magical and there really is an air of something special all around, and I hope we all take the time neccesary to appreciate it! and blah blah blah ok no more mushy stuff!

Happy Christmas Everyone!


Peace Out!


Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

Wow; so how did I live with out knowing Chris Brown sang that song & showed off his dance moves by playing "Mr. Holiday... Cheer?" & spreading it wherever he went???!! I never even knew that song existed! And although I do love that song by Mariah, perhaps she should ask Chris Brown for some dance lessons for Christmas :) I love Christmas music too!! I've been listening to it straight for like 2 weeks! Ummm as far as favorite songs go.... I don't really have any, but I do love me some Neil Diamond Christmas! That CD is excelent & ONE of my favorites!!!

angie said...

of course michael crawford's version is the best. not only is his voice fanatastic but you add in the children's chorus and you got yourself a hit!

a song you forgot...
merry christmas happy holidays by n'sync. also a danceable joint!

angie said...

oh and anything by the jackson 5!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Id like to add 'merry christmas darling' by the carpenters to the list.

And, though kelly did seriously rock that song up, I like me some n'sync 'oh holy night'

I am also a big lover of the trans siberian orchestras 'carol of the bells' totally gets my blood pumpin!