Monday, December 8, 2008

" A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"- Napoleon Bonaparte

SO this is finals week for fall semester and I almost made it through! Tomorrow I take my math final and turn in my final essay for English and cross my fingers I pass the class!

This semester I took a photo-journalism class. And it was pretty fun! I think I would have learned a lot more had I owned one of those fancy SLR cameras, but hey it was fun to learn about them in case one day I do actually own one!

You know what else was fun, having an excuse to take pictures, and telling people "I'm in a photo class do mind if I take some pictures for an assignment" or maybe I shouldn't say people, because really I ended up taking a ton of Gwen! She was always around when I had an assignment due!

Any WHo. . . . . the following are some of my favorites I took (and a few I didn't I just thought you'd think was funny) We had to convert them to black and white when we turned them in so that our teacher didn't get distracted by the color and think it was a good picture when it wasn't, so the desaturated shots are most likely the ones I used for my class.

This is a shot of the hills in the Naches Valley, which correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's near Yakima. Sarah Boyce was driving a few of us from Singles Ward to a leadership retreat at Camp Zarahemla, I snapped this shot right out the window while Sarah was driving!

This is a pic Lisa Quinn took of me! I decided to post it, because I think it's clear I'm saying "I don't need anybody, I can pull this thing myself!" plus this is the most physical activity you'll probably ever see me do!

This is the nature shot I turned pictured, in the canoe is Sarah Boyce and a random girl I don't know.

Sports and Actions was my least favorite assignment, but I thought I had a pretty sweet action shot of my friend Lacey here playing this old pioneer game where you try to lift yourself up with your legs while clinging to the board, this picture looked ten times better in the camera view finder I had no idea it was so horrible until I went to edit it, If it wasn't so pixelated I think it would have been a cool shot, I really dug the angle! PS that's Trevin Byington on the end of the beam.

Gwen and Meredith playing a little one on one!

The black and white versions of these next two weren't my favorite, so I decided to post the original! Gwen in her halloween make-up was kind enough to recreate the moment for my assignment. And true story this picture actually made the Grant County Journal, because my instructor is one of the big wigs there and ran his favorites from our class in November 26th's edition. Pretty sweet huh?

Here's Nette and her Mommala playing the Piano, you might recognize a similiar version of this pic from Nette's special dedication blog, but I was really excited about the angle of this shot too and decided to post another!

When I house sat for the Fancher's their cat Charlie was the cutest thing in the whole world, he kept jumping up on things and posing, he was a pretty good subject if you ask me!

This is my favorite of him, one day when I was getting ready he just jumped into the sink and chilled there while I finished my make-up and I was like that is too cute! So here's Charlie, cat napping in the bathroom sink acting like that's completley normal!

Another one of our assignments was to take feature photos.
Well, I went with Gwenny to get her hair cut by her cousin and I was fascinated how she had this little shop set up right in her living room with her kids running around, so I tried to get a good one of her cutting Gwen's hair while her youngest Son mugged for her attention. I didn't turn in any of these because they ended up not being exactly what the teacher wanted, but I thought they where cute none the less. And Gwen's cousins little boy (whose name escapes me. . . .sorry Gwenny) was friggin' adorable!

To sum things up, I'm glad I took that class, it was a rockin' good time!

My next item of business is ASB.
So far things have been awesome! We've given out prizes at Volleyball games, we've fed the masses at LunchFests, and we've had Pool Tournaments and all sorts of other fun games and activities, and I'm really forming a bond with all the other officers! I've really enjoyed working with them thus far, and I'm excited for the next up and coming festivities.
A couple weeks ago we had Star Night, which was a formal event put on by the school so the Scholarship recipients could could meet their donors, and lets just say it wasn't the most entertaining 2 hours I ever spent, so Rhoan and I kept trying to keep boredom at bay and make fun shapes with our napkins!

The newspaper guy saw what we where doing and snapped a shot of it! I really love Rhoan's face in this shot!

This is the whole ASB crew from left to right starting in the back is Rhoan Ashby El Presidente, Josh Shoumann the Public Relations guy, Angela Fales as the VP, and Natalie Lindley (soon to be Coulston) as Treasurer, then it's me the Secretary and Rhen Ashby as the programming director!

After the event we had to get rid of the balloon arch so I challenged Rhoan to a balloon popping contest, we got in trouble with Campus security, but I just said forget it and finished popping them anyway!

I'm super excited about next semester and I'm even more excited about finishing up my AA finally! If things go my way then I should be able to move to Utah next fall, which is where I'd like to continue my degree in Communications and hopefully get on with a radio station there! that's the dream anyway!
Hope you enjoyed my pics, and I'm sorry if this post was slightly boring, I promise you exciting things to come!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

Just for the record Emily doesn't write boring posts!!!

lindsay>boo said...

Great pics!

I forgot for a moment that Gwen was related to Sonja. Sonja is my neighbor and in my ward.

Very exciting that you will be getting your AA soon!

Gwen Stoker said...

Random! I didn't know Lindsay knew Sonja. His name is Brooks. I'm way glad you took the photo class, now you can take my christmas card photos!!

Korbi said...

wow, I had a lot to catch up on and just spent like an hour reading all your posts! I just have to say that I love your new hair and those glasses are so cute! (along with some good picture taking and cute new roomies.) :)

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