Monday, December 22, 2008

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age." - Lucille ball

Wanna know something crazy about my family?

Well as you might remember, my Sister's birthday was the end of November, but what you don't know is My Mom's Birthday was Dec. 11th and my Dad's Birthday was Dec. 15th and then three days ago Dec. 20th to be exact it was my birthday, but the fun doesn't stop there of course Christmas is the 25th in case you forgot, and my parent's Wedding Anniversary is Dec. 28th So in less then two months almost every major gift giving event in my family is done for the year! Pretty crazy huh?

Now I'm sure you are all asking yourself ". . . but wait if your parents birthday's where last week what happened to the special dedication blog?" Well, that's a funny story. . . Apparently my Mother is anti- me blogging about her, because she got all sorts of irritated when I told her I was going too! I think she freaked out on me for two reasons A) She can't log on to my blog for some unknown reason and sometimes people come into the office where she works and comment to her about how they read my blog and my Mom gets Jealous! and B) I think she thinks I was gonna make fun of her or something, which is ridiculous! I mean when have I ever done that??? So, I'm being a Rebel and blogging about her anyway! Then there's my Dad of course, and I don't think he knows I even have a blog, I was gonna whip up something for him, but then time got away from me and what not. So. . . . .

My final decision due to several different circumstances is to Special dedicate a blog for all three of us since in a little over a week we all had birthdays.

Now hears my caution to you blog stalkers out there! Don't go telling my Mother about how you read about her here and get me into trouble, I'm pretty sure I got some presents coming my way I'd like to keep! Kapeash?

Moving on. . . . . .

My Mommala!

Some of my favorite things about her are. . . .

1. No matter how mad at me she might be for messing up or inconveniencing her she always comes to my rescue. It doesn't even matter if it's at 3 in the morning, I know that if I'm ever in trouble she would move Heaven and Earth to get to me and the same goes for Amy!

2. She's Beautiful! Now if you don't mind I'm gonna take a second to be a little Worldly here, because obviously it's inner Beauty that counts the most, and my Mom is totally a beautiful person on the inside, but I have always and still to this day think my Mom is pretty darn gorgeous! Now unfortunately I did not get my Mother's legs, this is something I have complained about for a long time, because I find it incredibly unfair, but you know whatever. . . you can't have everything, but seriously folks, I've got a pretty Mommy, and I consider it the biggest compliment when people say we look alike!

3. She's the definition of supportive! My Father has been super involved with the Rodeo Association for as long as I can remember and so my Mother got involved too. Whenever my father speaks or has some kind of function to attend because of his job she is right there by his side. She went to every softball game my sister had, she rode the bus and chaperoned things when my sister was in Choir and Color guard and sewed costumes and makeup bags

She went and helped out with just about every Dance Recital and or Play I did, she sat in the audience almost every time I've spoke or sung in Church! Even when I won accelerated reader awards in Elementary school she was there to see me walk up to the stage and receive my certificates.

I mean in all honesty I think the song "Wind Beneath my Wings" was written about her because not to sound cheesy, but she was always content to let all of us shine! She never misses an opportunity to brag, I did the Joseph musical like almost a year ago and she still brings it up to people. I don't really know how to put into words how much I love and appreciate the way my Mom has managed to be the biggest supporter of myself, my Sister, and my Father's life. This constant willingness to be in the shadows and always have people come up to her and say "Hey aren't you Bill's Wife or Emily's Mom" It just baffles me, I don't know how she does it, but she does, and I'm so thankful for this selfless quality she has so much of!

4. She's crazy involved! She does Toastmaster's, she helps do stuff for the Festival of Trees fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity, She's an officer in our local Chapter of the Republican Party, She's plans the decor for the Rodeo Association Banquet every year, helps my Dad during Fair week every year, and even manages to get Church callings fulfilled in the midst of all of that! Her and my Dad both have taught me valuable lessons on being involved in the community!

5. She stands up for what's right! Although this has given me many a lecture because my Mom has always been about work first and play later (something the Yellow personality in me has a hard time with!) So except for when it's directed at me, I admire her ability to let you know when she doesn't think something is Kosher! She has a lot of Integrity in that regard, and I think that's amazing!

Papa West

Favorite things about my Daddy!

1. He's a master at Trivial Pursuit! My Dad has this wicked Crazy memory and seems to be able to absorb facts. And don't even think about playing with him and my Uncle Scott because you better get ready to get your trashed kicked! One time my Dad even remembered who Lassie's trainer was. . . .I mean who just knows that stuff?

2. He's not afraid to tear up! Number one thing that gets the waterworks going. . . . anything to do with the American military! My Dad has a huge soft spot for the Army, because he served in the Army for quite some time. I've learned my greatest lessons on being "Proud to be an American" from him. He instilled in us a reverence for the sacrifices the Men and Women in military make for us, and every time we gather together as a family for a meal or whatever it may be and we bow our heads in prayer, every time. . . you better believe he's asking for strength to be with those in the armed forces and for wisdom to be with the leaders of our nation. This is something that is very dear to my Dad's heart, and his passion for it is infectious.

3. My Dad's a Cowboy! We have never owned a cow or horse or lived on a farm, but My Grandpa was a Rodeo Announcer and so that culture has been something my Dad has absorbed and carried with him since he was very young! He's got the boots, the wranglers, the hats, the belt buckles and the Stetson Cologne to prove it! My Dad's like a Modern day John Wayne he can be a little grough and tough and most of the time a smidge stubborn, but He works hard, is always courteous to the ladies, and is respectful of the law of the land.

4. Is always willing to pad the ego! Before I left for Prom my Dad looked at me and said "Calam, You're an absolute vision!" Of course he was quoting from the movie Calamity Jane, but I knew what he was trying to say, because he never hesitates with the compliments. I don't think Amy and I have ever doubted our parents belief that we where pretty. . . .even when we weren't! I mean you all saw it, I had an ugly phase, but thanks to my Parents I never thought they thought I was unattractive! When ever we have a function that requires us to dress up, he always makes sure to tell us "You girls look beautiful!". I have always been thankful for his willingness to be so flattering because even if the boys don't seem to think so, at least my Padre thinks I'm pretty. . . .what more could a girl ask for!

5. The man has Hootspa! In High School my father won Mr. Moses Lake, and was voted Most Unforgettable his senior year, has managed to MC all the Major High School Reunions him and my Mother have had. Especially when my Dad was in the car business I'd have people say all the time how much they loved my him and all growing up I loved to hear him tell stories or jokes, because he was a master at capturing your attention and making you laugh! He has a lot of Charisma and when he wants to, can get almost anyone to say when they leave his presence. . . ."Man, I really like that guy!"

Happy Belated Birthday Mom and Dad! I Love you guys, like a fat kid loves cake!

Then there's me

Dec. 20th 1983 in St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma Washington I was born! I was a month Pre-mature and I weighed 3 lbs. 12 oz.

This is me 2 days after I was born and true story I still have that stocking that's hanging there in my incubator!

My Mom had a rough go with the baby situation. Amy came about with no complications, but in between her and I my Mom had several Miscarriages and stillborns and I had a sister before me named Sara that died 3 days after she was born. Mom told me once I would have had 5 Brothers and Sisters if she would have carried the babies to term. I can't imagine how difficult that must have been for my Parents.

When my Mother was pregnant with me it wasn't much easier, she ended up being hospitalized and could only lay on one side for weeks! I think she was pretty bummed about the idea of being stuck in the hospital over Christmas since I wasn't due to come until January so it was a darn good thing I did her a favor and came early huh? I also came pretty fast, so much that my Dad wasn't able to make it for my birth because he was busy putting snow tires on for the people of Tacoma!

I hear the doctor's where worried about me, but My Mom was farely confident that things would be OK, because in her Patriarchal Blessing it said She would have "Children" not just a child. And once she had me they tied her tubes because the doctor advised that anymore children could be lethal. So I like to think of myself as the "Miracle Child".

My Parents went through a lot to get me here, I certainly hope they feel it was worth it! I mean my Mom's been on Blood pressure meds for 25 years now, boy I better make something outta myself to make up for all that I've put them through!

Anyway like I said 25 years later I have certainly over compensated for my low birth weight, but I still got a lot more things to accomplish! So here's to the next 25 years of my life! May I have as many wishes come true, and crazy things to blog about!

and here's some more pictures

My First Birthday! Who knew this girl liked cake so much!

Yeah, I've pretty much always loved presents!

This is the letter my Grandma wrote to me the day I was born, some parts are fuzzy so I'll just tell you what it says.

Dear wee Emily-

Welcome into our open and loving hearts. Just a little while ago your Daddy called to say that you had come to live with he and your Momma and Amy. Seems you where as anxious to be here as we were to have you. Oh what a joyous Christmas Gift! Oh little darling there is so much love for you and you are going to be so happy that you chose our family to be yours, with Gods help of course. Just you wait and see, dear Emily Katlyn.

Love, Grandma West

Peace Out!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm teary eyed! Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing. Your parents should be proud, your blog consistently paints a pleasant picture of the West family. Mama West it's all good!

Jenifer said...

Busy Busy! i hope you all had great birthdays and Merry Christmas!!!

lindsay>boo said...

I love the west family...especially my em wizzle!

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