Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Sisters, Sisters, There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters!"- A song from White Christmas

Sunday like I mentioned before was my Dearest Sister Amy's 34th birthday! I call Amy my dearest sister, because she is my only sister, but even though she knows I have to love her no matter what, I still think even if I did have other siblings I grew up with she'd still be my favorite!

You know on Birthday's I really like to do Top 10 lists, and I love a good excuse to post pictures from the past, Sooooo I now present to you. . . .

Top 10 reasons why my Sister is my Favorite!

1. She's got my back!- Even when I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad had every right to be upset with me, she always stuck by my side and defended me. . . . .some may say that's enabling, I just say it's loyalty!

2. She taught me long ago that Hairspray is my friend!

3. Where it not for MTV and Amy I would not know a thing about music, nor would I appreciate it as much as I do now! Growing up I went to Amy's Choir concerts and I couldn't wait until I got old enough and could sing in the choir like my Big Sister!

4. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine!- As you may have guessed there is quite a large age gap between my sister and I, 9 yrs. to be exact, but I woud have never known! In the peek of my most obnoxious years my sister was in High School and whenever she brought friends over she never banished me to my bedroom or just tryed to pretend I wasn't there, she let me hang out too! And even if she was annoyed with me and wished I wasn't around, she never once made me feel like a nuissance! One of her friends did try to throw me in the snow once, but that's about the closest I came to being left out in the cold. . .ha ha ha good one!

5. She gives the best gifts ever!!!!!! She took me to see Aladdin for my birthday the year it came out at the time. . . .BEST GIFT EVER! She got me the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack that I really wanted BGE! In High school when I was really obsessed with brand names she got me a black cardigan from The Gap. First thing i ever got from the Gap and you know how kids are with brand names, even though it was a simple black cardigan I thought I was the coolest person ever because I actually owned something from that store! I don't know how she knew, but she did. . . . BGE!

6. Family Time Rocks- True story for a while there I didn't love extended family time. I was going through a phase where I felt like nobody even cared that I was there and I didn't have anyone to talk to (Mainly because all my cousins are either way older or way younger then me.) But if Amy was gonna be there, then I knew it was gonna be good. And while I was following her around like a lost puppy at reunions or holiday dinners she'd be talkin' it up with everyone catching up on things and including me in the conversations which was nice and I've come to understand from her example that it doesn't matter the dynamic they fall under family is family. You should talk to them, know them, love them! And whatta ya know you end up not hating family time quite so much!
7. Kindness is not lost on her!- back in the day my sister worked for a guy named Jeff who runs one of the local floral shops here in Moses Lake. He told my Mom one day "You know Amy is just a "Love Sponge" and I really think that's the greatest way to describe her. She never puts one person over another, everyone is deserving of kindness, and she is more then happy to share a smile and kind words and I rarely see her utter anything rude to anyone unless they deserved it and even that's questionable. My sister is seriously one of the kindest people I know!

8. Supportive is her middle name- Now I did put in some time at her Softball games, Color Guard events, and Choir concerts, so she did owe me, but really she has continued to be supportive of the various things i've done throughtout the years! She always brought me flowers and cute little trinkets when she'd come to my performances, and I could always hear her cheering in the audience, and while I had friends and jungle gyms to play with during her games and stuff, she atleast had to pay attention to what I was doing, their was no fun distraction for her!

9. Quoting Movies is the funnest ever!- I think I would be very content to just sit around with my sister and quote all the silly movies that make us laugh! Some of our favorites like "Drop Dead Fred" "Steel Magnolias", "White Christmas", and "Pretty in Pink". Amy taught me the joys of laughing about your favorite funny lines from your favorite flicks!
10. She's Friggin' Hilarious!- My first lessons in comedy came from my Dad, my Dad knows how to capture a room when he tells a story, but my first lessons in being able to laugh at yourself came from Amy! Amy never takes herself too seriously, when she makes a mistake she can laugh it off and be willing to make fun of herself! I just remember growing up thinking man my Sister is so funny and whenever we where hanging out with family and friends and what not I just remembering wishing I could make people chuckle like her!
I remember one time calling my Sister a "Butt-Head" and getting in trouble, but that's honestly one of the only times I can recall being so upset with her that I resorted to silly name calling! Our relationship has been pretty smooth sailing, and I'm just so thankful that I got placed in the same family as her!
I Love You more then my luggage Sister!
Happy Birthday!
Peace Out!


Mindy said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy. She truly is a great person. And she is a love sponge, never thought of it that way, but does define her. I miss not having her around her old job anymore. It's not fun to call there anymore.

Han*Gaert said...

Hey! Thanks for the congrats on the whole school thing. You are such a talented writer. You should totally become a writer my dear! :) Love Nichole