Thursday, November 20, 2008

"A Friend Loveth at All Times"- Proverbs 17:17

This is a special blog dedication to one of my Bestest Friends Miss Lynette Rackham or Nette Nette as we call her around these parts!

Nette and I met back when I was in 6th grade and she was in High School. She was the Student Aid for my class, My most distinct memory was her and I had the same striped polo shirt we both purchased at Walmart! And frequently wore on the same occasion (I had that problem a lot that year!) Little did I know, that would end up being a common problem her and I would run into later on in our friendship!

Things really blossomed when I started going to Singles Ward with her, Angie, and Mindy Stoker. We hit up Mexico all together in 2004 where Nette and I ended up being Travel buddies and sharing the same room. From then on Nette Nette became one of my closest friends!

In honor of her Birthday which is Sunday, and coincidentally the same as my Sister's (her dedication is tomorrow!) I would like to share with you my Top 10 Most Favorite Things about Nette!

Here Goes. . . . . .

1. She has the most amazing calves! She did Soccer in High School and I think that's what shaped them so well! She has tiny ankles and really well defined calve muscles! I'm dead serious, you should take a close look sometimes! Those babies are something to be coveted!

2. When You need her she's always there! even if she's not 100% excited about it, when someone asks her to do something or help out somewhere she always does it! She's one of my most reliable friends!

3. She's AMAZING at the Piano! Along many others in her Family. . . . that's a shout out to you Julie! But anyway, whenever we watch Idol I depend on her to back me up when I try to talk music talk, everyone else has given up on trying to understand me I think, but Nette (although she may be faking it) just nods a gives me the I understand look!

4. Speaking of understanding Nette Nette is super Fantastic at that! She listens and always finds a way to help you justify your feelings! When ever I'm upset or something goes wrong and I don't know how to fix it, she's always there with a solution!

5. She owns the most comfortable Bed in all the land!

6. She has almost every "Now That's What I Call Music" CD put out!

7. Responsible is her middle name, I look up to this so much, because I am completely not responsible, and If I had half of what she's got as far as that virtue goes. . . .well I just might be perfect!

8. She's got a ton of patience! Which you kind of have to be in order to like being friends with me! For instance, when I'm late. . . .which is all the time, she just simply gives me a "Really?" and then moves on! She does try to remind me about what time something starts, or offers to give me a ride to something so she's in control of when we get there, but when I disappoint at most I get an eye roll and a "I Don't Know About You!"

9. She's knows her stuff! She teaches History at the High School here in ML, so she's a major history buff, Most of us are great with the Pop Culture stuff you'd only need when you play games centered around that, but Nette knows the important things! And she's never one to rub it in your face either!

10. This lady. . . . like an Elephant, never forgets! She remembers Birthdays, surgery's, parties! she'll call you when your sick, or give you flowers when she's knows you're having a rough day! I'm continually amazed at how in tune she is to the human spirit! And always quick to act when some one's in need! I love that about her so much, and I really wish I could have such an amazing quality!
I love You Tons and Tons Nette Nette! And I really hope your Birthday is as Awesome as You are!!!!!!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Aw, I want to be friends with Nette Nette too! She sounds like a treasure. Happy Birthday Nette Nette!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing tribute. Love it! If you are need of another friend, not quite as reliable but cute, hit me up!!

Happy birthday and Many more Nette nette!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Happy Birthday, Lynette!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Em...didn't realize I was that awesome (hee, hee). Nette

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