Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"I see my face in the mirror and go, 'I'm a Halloween costume? That's what they think of me?"- Drew Carey

Hello Hello again, once more I am terribly sorry for my delay in blogs, but last week was pretty much the craziest ever! As you all know I am a dressing up super fan, and this Halloween I'm happy to admit my cup had runeth ore with dressing up occasions, I joked with someone earlier in the month about how Halloween was like a week long event for me. Little did I know that was not a joke this year! Halloween was quite literally a week long extravaganza of dressing myself and others up in costumes to celebrate one of my most favorite Holidays!

It all started last Saturday I was researching last minute Halloween costume ideas for my informative speech in class that Tuesday and I came across some gems that I wanted to try out. Then Michelle came into town to keep me company and we went off to Walmart to gather some supplies! All of a sudden Michelle was hit by the costume bug and asked me if I wanted to hit up the annual halloween party some of here friends in Ephrata have every year, and like I mentioned before I had found an idea or two I was psyched out of my mind about. So the decision was final. Michelle purchased a pimp cup and some fake nails and I (as sad as it is to say) provided the rest!
Here's Michelle going for the ever popular Hood Rat look (yes that Jacket's mine and I do wear it on occasion, mainly when I want to throw some bows in the club or do a little gambling in Atlantic city)

and then here's me as an iPod dancer. . . . . do you get it?
A close up to prove it's actually me!
Let me tell ya this was not the most dance friendly costume!
Here are some winning looks from that party I quite enjoyed!
This chick is Amy Winehouse. . . complete with accurate Tattoos! (This was my favorite!)

Michael Phelps and his washboard Tummy stopped by!

Are you drooling or what!!!!

Here's one of Michelle's old homies, for a second I thought that was Gene Simmons but upon further observation I realized that is not the case!

That night was super fun, Michelle and I had a great time, dancing, drinking from her pimp cup, and repairing my costume every 15 minutes!. . . . but seriously E-Town knows how to party!

Sunday and Monday I got some help from the friendlies. These Guys let me dress them up so I could take pictures for my PowerPoint.

Here's Kent Law and Rhoan Ashby as Rock Stars. . . . straight out of Guitar Hero!

You know I had to make use of my Clock Medallion, so Here's Meredith Ottley and I as Old School Rappers!

Here's Andrew Hyer making a way better Pirate face then me!

SHHHH Nette's Sleeping. . . . Sleeping Beauty to be exact!

Here's jessica as a Hula Girl

These are my favorite. . . Why? Because Gwen always Committs!

Here she is doing the Maniac

This is my favorite excercise!

I would definatley take aerobics from Gwen!

Here she is as the classic Prom Queen!

And here is miss Rhen Ashby as a Diva and or Dolly Parton!

This is us posing in the ASB Office all together. . . aren't we fabulous!

Here's some girls from my speech class I suckered into dressing up as well!

All in all the speech was a big hit! I was even told one of my classmates used my ideas for her Boyfriend! The fun doesn't stop here people! That was just Tuesday. Thursday was the dance for the students at Big Bend! And even though my Mom actually did make me a Mermaid Costume! (Yeah dreams do come true) I'm not one to repeat stuff. . . . .that's no fun!

Here's Thursdays Costume of choice and probably my most favorite!

I decided I was a 60's flight attendant! I also have come to the conclusion that I was drag queen in a former life! Because I love wigs heavy make-up, eyelashes and over the top outfits. . . . like A LOT!!!!

This is Rhen and I with a little cape action (pretty sweet huh?0. . . I helped Rhen do her make- up and hair!

This is Devon Peterson, Natalie Lindley, and Brady Coulston. Devon is a soccer reff, and Natalie and Brady (who are engaged mind you!) Are Napolean Dynamite and Debb

Here's our fearless leaders! Karen (the Pumpkin) and Kim (The M&M)

This is Rhen with some of our ASB programmers. You've seen Andrew and that clock before, Then's it's Jeff Ranstrom as a viking, Rhen, and Virginia Valdez as a flower Child.

These are some of the running start girls! I was impressed with their get ups! Especially the Sailor girl! SOOOOOO Cute!

Isabel pictured in the middle here is my english and math buddy. She didn't have a costume so i hooked her up! She was supposed to be a pirate, but she's a gypsy instead!

Ok so let me just apologize for my friends here, apparently none of them knew about the big hubbabalooh that happened when Ted Dansen rocked the black face at Whoopi Goldberg's Friar Roast. I don't think people realize in my small little town, that some could take that as kind of offensive! I certainly hope none of you feel like that, My friend Ben here actually won twice with his little jamiacan number and he's pictured here with his Broseph Josh as a chick magnet (Homemade mind you!)

Some of our Basket ball Girls. I don't know what Katie Poston's supposed to be, but Brenna is SuperWoman, and Tianna is Department of Corrections. . . I think! Nice work Ladies!

Speaking of Basketball. . . . Heres' Angela Fales and Josh Shoumann as. . . . themselves????

Elliott a BBCC Alumni came as a Deviled Egg and next to me is Whitney Smith as a Go-Go Girl! Of course you already know Andrew and Brady

Ok Folks that night was super awesome as well, now on to the big show! This year we rocked the house at Time-out Pizza in Othello. Lynette and I supplied some tunes and get this people actually danced!!!!! I know right? Needless to say I was thrilled. You wanna know something I wasn't thrilled about though. the way my mermaid costume turned out in these pictures. . . . i think it was much better in person. . . . I hope anyway! But mad props to the Mommala for slaving away for two hours making the skirt for me! You are the best!

Here's is Nette and I The Mermaid and teh Bar Wench!

Nette Nette makes a pretty fly Bar Maid!

You know who else is fly Gwenny and Meredith! I wish you could see the details in these costumes!!!! AWESOME!!!

Kent as Mr. Rodgers showing us all how to lean like a Cholo!

Whitney looking tough in her Biker Girl Outfit!

Sochi Rodriguez Pictured here on the left was one of my favorites of the night, she had little woodland nympg ears and she had pieced this outfit together herself. . . including the wings! It was awesome!

Pictured here is Dereck as a Cholo (i think) Chelsea Herd as a lovely Purple Witch, and Bailey who was a bag of Peas, but people didn't handle her with care and so she had to remove it before she pea'd all over everything. . . . ha hahah h aha ha a ZINGER!

And of course here's Bishop Merral. . . . doing the jailhouse rock! (this was the end of the night, i think he was pretty tired!)

I'm truly sorry I do not have a shot of Ellerey and Elicia Ena because they where dressed up in the whole Mexican Mariachi garb complete with thick black mustache's! They where brilliant!

That night was fun! It started off pretty rocky and I really missed getting ready with my girls, that was the only downside! But it turned out way better then i expected! The whole week did actually, and it is definately a Halloween to remember!

Until next time!



angie said...

i can't help but notice that the blonde wig you so willingly passed out to people to wear...is actually mine.:) i'll be needing that back for my collection.

Jenifer said...

Holy cow girl! Love the ipod and the flight attendant. What a fun week!

Gwen Stoker said...

Bawbra yo bootiful!!! All of these costumes were bootiful. The Aerobics costume was prretty much my ultimate favorite one ever to don.

Kimmy said...

Multiple costumes?! Wow, you are superwoman. I love them all!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a week. Only you could pull it off...great creativity. -Nette

Alicia said...

Seriously Em, you rock. I love all of those costumes. I feel like such a loser for not dressing up AT ALL! I think the iPod was my favorite. Very creative. I like the flight attendant lady a lot too. The hair reminds me of Marge Simpson, except it wasn't blue. Haha. Miss you girl. Word.

Piper said...

Oh! Happy Halloween! I love the flight attendant! Awesome make up!

Samantha said...

Oh I love love all of your costumes. Especially the ipod and flight attendant. Sounds like a really fun week.

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