Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Some People Wait a Lifetime For a Moment Like This!" - Kelly Clarckson

For months now I've been planning our American Idol finale potluck at work, because there are a ton of people at the office that love it. I also am always down for good food and a good party. Plus I guess I was looking for an opportunity to make my mark, so when I leave the end of August, they might look back on me fondly. . that's the dream anyway.

So I e-mailed the staff, put up flyer's, and posted a sign up. Then I put together a little "American Idol Jeopardy" game so we'd have something to do during lunch, my original idea was to bring in Karaoke Revolution American Idol edition, but I then figured it would only be me participating. So that plan got squashed. But all in all I think everyone had a good time. Here are some shots from our office party.

It's not a party without balloons right!!!! And I also made a mix of some of my favorite songs from the show and played it during the party as well as gave them out as prizes.

Here we have Betty Moore the greatest secretary ever!!! Eileen Boylston who didn't want her picture taken I guess, we then have Mary Riojas who you will see a little later, then Ana Deleon, Irene Valdez, and Debi Keyzer who kind of gave me the idea in the first place. Behind Debi is my Office BFF Eric doing the infamous cereal box face (You know the one I always do with the thumbs up and mouth wide.) Then we have Suzanne Palmiero who was our Jeopardy champion and Tabitha whom you all know as my partner in crime.

Next from right to left we have Bob Meier who is like the principal of SkillSource, I'm not sure what his exact title is, then there is Reza Fiorezi and his wife, behind her is Delila Merkley, Lucy Fitterer is the redhead, but she did not want her picture on the Internet I hope she's not in the witness protection program or anything! That would be awkward! Next to her is Carmen Schwaub, then holding down the back row is Monica Macias, and last but not least David Nava.

Here is a horribly blurry shot of Mary running after the pinata, I bought this Pinata like 2 months ago for the goodbye potluck we had for when our administrator Albert left to take over King County's WorkSource, but nobody used it and I couldn't be there, because Tabitha and I had some outreach to do.

It was meant to be for this moment I guess!

After about two whacks she had that baby on the ground and busted open, it wasn't until after that I realized I A)never got a shot of the pinata in the air, and B) I never showed you how i put a picture of Simon over it's face. Kind of doesn't give you the whole effect. . .my bad.

Eric was kind enough to hold it up, sacrificing his opportunity to take a whack at it. . . . what a gem. . . .thanks Eric!!!!

Apparently nobody but Mary and Ana know how Pinatas work!

Debi was all over the hillbilly teeth prizes. Her and David where kind enough to pose for a pic.

You can't trust me with clean-up because I get distracted too easily. . . . don't worry I checked the weight limit on that cart and I was totally in the clear!

Anyone wanna take a crack at my quiz? I attempted to make it pretty easy, and that was a good call, because sometimes they got stumped on some pretty easy questions. I'm sure some people I won't mention any names (Krystin, Angie, Nette, Michelle, and Gwen) will breeze through with flying colors, but try your luck and let me know how you did.

Here are the questions starting with the "What's Your Story" category

Answers will be posted at the end of each section

1. Kristy Lee Cook sold this to buy her plane ticket for the idol auditions.

2. This Contestant was in Jeopardy of getting kicked off the show when it was found out that he was formally a Male stripper before performing on Idol.

3. This contestant beat out Danny Noriega for the last spot in the top 12.

4. This was the type of musical group Luke Menard was involved in, which he said helped him prepare for Idol.

5. This Top 24 contestant claimed to have dated Britney Spears for two months when he performed as an Opening act for her with his Pop Group Boys and Girls.

1. What is her Horse
2. Who is David Hernandez
3. Who is Chikezie
4.What is an Acapella Group
5. Who is Robbie Corrico

"It's All About Song Choice"

1. David Cook first started to wow the judges with his rock ballad interpretation of what Lionel Richie hit from the 80’s

2. This Contestant will most likely be remembered for when she started her song over in the
live performance during Andrew Lloyd Weber week

3. This is the instrument Jason Castro played during Idol Gives Back week, when her performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for inspirational song week.

4. In one of his only major mistakes on the show David Archuletta famously flubbed up the words to this Stevie Wonder remake of a Beatle song.

5. Michael Johns wowed the judges with this song during Hollywood week, but had failed to capture that same moment many times following until he was voted off.


1. What is "Hello"
2. Who is Brooke White
3. What is a Ukalele
4. What is "We Can Work it Out"
5. What is "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Thrid and Final Category "The Ghost of Idol Past"

1. This contestant from Season 6 was better known for his crazy hair do’s and his groupies that called themselves “Fanjiya’s”

2. This former Idol reject received an Academy Award for her lead role in DreamGirls!

3. This is the Year American Idol Started.

4. This Contestant was originally kicked off, but then brought back for the Wild Card week and eventually went on to be one of Idols most succesful contestants beating out the winner in album sales that season.

5. This was the guy that co-hosted Idol with Ryan Seacrest the first Season, but left the show because he didn’t see it going anywhere.


1. Who is Sanjaya Malakar
2. Who is Jenifer Hudson
3. What is 2002
4. Who is Clay Aiken
5. Who is Brian Dunklemen

Tonight's the night most of us have been waiting for! I'm really excited for the finale tonight, I really really love the final show, even though it drags on forever, I love the celebrities that show up, I love the fact that the top five get to perform with someone that was influencial on them musically, that's sooooo awesome, and there's something about the whole ceremony and the confetti and cheezy inspirational songs that speak to my soul! I guess I love it because I dream about being there myself. . . . I may never let go of that little dream, and I think as long as Idol is on I hold on to the fantasy. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!



Jenifer said...

You are too fun! Wish I worked with you! Where are you going in August?

krystind said...

What's going on at the end of August?? why are you leaving??

... that's a cool party idea.

Anonymous said...

It was a good time, thanks for putting the effort into it :-)

angie said...

do I need to tell you that i got 100% on your quiz....??

I think we should put it on our life lists to go to a taping of american idol once in our lives...

krystind said...

i need a new post, PRONTO

Tiffany Fackrell said...

We need our Emily back!!!

Jenifer said...

Where is my bloggin' buddy?