Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh yes mustard! That'll do... Mustard? Don't let's be silly. Now lemon, that's different... - Mad Hatter

For the past few years my Mother and My Aunt Francis have decorated a table for the Soroptomist Tea Mother's day weekend. And I believe every year they have out done themselves time and time again. You put my Mom and Francis together on creative decorating projects and they are an unstopable force! For yeasr they have been putting together table deocrations for the Rodeo Banquet and even though my Pappala is no longer a member, they still get asked to help because they are that awesome!

Anywho, this year my Mom came up with the "Alice in Wonderland" theme, and they decided all the patrons at the table would represent characters from the book. Aunt Francis ordered some pretty sweet stuff. . . . here are the pictures from our afternoon.

Here's a few shots of our table. . . . you can't tell here, but we had dry ice in the mug, that made it look like it was steaming, it was a nice effect!

As you can probably tell, we went more for the book style, then the actual Disney! Funny story, there was another Alice in Wonderland table there as well, but that lady did not have anyone dressed up! She did however have little cupcakes that said EAT ME and little bottles that said DRINK ME!

She got us on that!

Here are my cousins ShiAnn as the MadHater, Samantha as Little Alice, ShayliAnn as Tweedle Dee (Tweedle Dum did not make an appearance) and Shi's friend Amber as the MarchHare.

Here is Me as Alice, My Sister Amy (What Up Amus!) as the White Rabbit and My Mommalla as the Queen of Hearts!

My Mom and Francis as The Queen and King of Hearts!

Amy saying 'Would You like some tea, Dear?"

"Why Yes I surely would,a thank you!"

I would quite enjoy some myself!

These are my most favorite pictures of Amy and I it looks like she's trying to attack me with those hands!!!!!!

It was good times, the Soroptomist's Ladies hired some story tellers, to entertain, and I decided I might have add that to my list of things I wanna do someday, I would like to be a professional story teller! How awesome would that job be! Huh?

Anyway chap. 2 of my Saturday Starts tomorrow. . . . .Gladiator's are you ready?



sarakorbi said...

I was doing some catch up on your blog and I love the Miley Cyrus post. That is also one amzingly decorated table! :)

krystind said...

What is this tea all about? sopotomoists what?

angie said...

that turned out sooooooo cute. from one over-decorator to another your mom has got some talent!