Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"If you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, it’s research." - Wilson Mizner

I know some of you out there (mainly K Dizz and then Angie) are in need of new posts to keep yourself busy at work or at home or wherever, so I apologize for my crazy behavior last week, and I hope you will forgive me for only posting one day, even though it was a double shot! I sometimes am not quite sure what to write about, so that’s when I usually steal ideas from other people’s blog, and that would be exactly what I’m doing today. Tyson Pyle has had two great posts about Memory songs, and remakes, so I am stealing his shtick and I too am going to list my favorite remakes, as well as put my MP3 player on shuffle and tell you what memories come to my mind when I hear the songs it selects.

Top Ten Best Remakes Ever of All Time According to Emily

1.“The Heart of the Matter” India Arie- So en route to the Tulip Festival Angie previewed her newest playlist she had put together, and it just so happened to be all about remakes, and that’s when I first heard this little diddy. Now, I do love Don Henley and the original is super fabulous, but India Arie coming in and throwing her own special “Soul Sauce” on it, makes me want to listen to it over and over and over! I also heard it played as the background song for a Sex in the City Movie preview, I’m thinking it’s not a bad idea to put that on the soundtrack. . . .Hope they where smart enough to do it!

2. “One” Mary J. Blidge feat. Bono- Ok so Bono with his band U2 where the originals of this song obviously, but I guess he decided to come back and make it a dynamic duet between him and MJB. I love me some Mary J. she’s like the Tina Turner of my generation, with a voice that tears out your soul and makes you want to shout HALLUEJAH! That woman has some pipes and on this song she really lets em rip!

3. “Lately” Jodeci- Before I go any farther I should probably mention, that had it not been for Angie I probably wouldn’t know any of these songs, and just for further reference it’s probably always the case in anything Pop Culture based that I discuss. That’s the relationship her and I have she’s like my Sensei if you will, I am studying to be a Pop Culture Master under my great and wise teacher Angie Bates. Moving on. . . . . “Lately” is a sad “my lover doesn’t love me anymore and I’m just realizing it” song originally written and performed by Stevie Wonder, normally nobody can touch Stevie, but KC and JoJo do a pretty snazzy job, and add an element of desperation that makes you feel the meaning of the song even more!

4.”The Circle of Life” Mormon Tabernacle Choir- I know what you might be thinking, um really? But seriously, this song is the Finale to their Showtime CD released last year. They have two soloists that perform the verses and the chorus, while the choir does the Hangwinyama Hangwinyamabada. . . .And I can’t get enough of it! Usually MOTAB is as white as it comes, but I think they really accessed there inner African on this one!

5.”God Only Knows” Joss Stone- This is my favorite Beach Boys song, but when Joss remade it for a special promotion she did for Gap Jeans, I fell in love with it all over again. The instrumentation is just simply a piano and then some strings toward the end, but it’s a really beautiful arrangement.

6. “Hard for me to Say I’m Sorry” Az Yet- I think it’s pretty safe to say that you can make anything an R&B song and I’m probably going to love it! Because that’s all this list consists of. . . . Is regular songs made soulful! And that’s totally the case here as well. This song was originally done by Chicago, but was remade and was one of the only hits for the R&B group Az Yet.

7.”All Cried Out” Allure feat. 112- Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam in 1986 released this song, but I believe Allure and 112 really dominated it when they remade it in the 90’s, I also think sometimes things are even more awesome when you turn them into Duets, and such is the case with this ballad.

8.”Wild Night” John Mellencamp feat. Mee’shelle- I actually had no idea this was a remake until I was straightening shoes at the Payless inside Shopko when I worked in Idaho Falls. It came across the store speakers, and I was like how did I go all these years without knowing that! Van Morrison was the original, but I really dig Mr. Mellencamp’s rendition.

9.”Emotions” Destiny’s Child- Some of you might think the vocals on this track are a little over done, maybe a few less runs from Beyonce, but I say Nay! I think DC’s interpretation of this song is sheer brilliance. They really dressed up this BeeGee’s hit, and that’s why it’s one of my favorites.

10.”L.O.V.E Y.O.U., I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” Wyclef Jean feat. Eve- All the remakes on the 50 First Dates Soundtrack are awesome! This one just so happens to be my favorite. I love it when artists take a song and totally flip the genre. This one obviously an 80’s pop song made into a Reggae dance hall hit! The original was by a band called The Outfield.

So there you have it! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for my super shuffle memory post!


krystind said...

i think i am a lot more bored at work than angie. Sorry.

Em K DUB said...

I changed it. . . .because your right. . . .sorry K Dizz!

angie said...

thanks for shout-out em it totally redeemed you for all the other times you gave me little to no recognition...hahahhaha. I love all these remakes as well and i think most of them are on my remakes playlist...well except the mo-tabs one...i will just take your word on that one.

krystind said...

haha, i didn't think you would change it.. but that makes me feel warm inside.