Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"My Best Friend Leslie Says 'OH She's just being Miley'" -Miley Cyrus

You know what bugs me. . . . .Pop stars that make stupid decisions and then stay stupid stuff that doesn’t make sense, in an attempt to give the media an excuse as to why they did what they did i.e. Miley Cyrus! I have some things I need to get off my chest regarding this matter.

Here’s a little recap in case some of you did not turn on your television or radio last week. Miley Cyrus had a photo shoot with famed photographer Annie Liebowitz for an article in Vanity Fair, but once some of the photos got out; there was uproar in the media because the 15 year old Disney star appears to only be wearing a bed sheet in one of them! Once word got out that Cyrus’s photos where considered scandalous, she issued a statement claiming she thought they where “Artsy” but upon second look, she now realizes they where silly and big apologies to all my fans and blah blah blah, then her parents where all “Oh we weren’t there so we didn’t know what was going on” Then someone else claims she was manipulated into agreeing to do something she normally would say no too.

Well you know what I say. . . .That’s a bunch of BOLOGNA! First off, If I was a huge tweeny bop super star I might think twice about participating in a photo shoot where my shirt would have to come off . . . . . that might be my first clue that this might not lead to good things meaning as my main audience is impressionable little girls with outspoken moms that raise a fit when I get caught with my bra strap showing (Because that already happened.) Also, you’re telling me Billy Ray who is obviously really involved in his daughter’s career, didn’t come back from wherever he was and ask to look at what he missed? And what’s the deal with calling the photos that Annie Liebowitz who is kind of a big deal might I add. . . .”Silly”, why would you downgrade the work of the women who took the last photo of John Lennon before he died! She’s like a legend!

All my friends in this Blogasphere, are you familiar with Ms. Liebowitz’s work? Here are a few shots she’s been known for; I think you will see she’s quite brilliant, I mean I’m no expert, but judge for yourself. . . . . .

Here's the famous shot taken of Lennon 5 hours before he was shot. This was the shot he made Liebowitz promise she'd put on the cover.

This is a series of shots Liebowitz did for Disney's Anniversary, and I think they are amazing, I seriously want them in my house!

This is Scarlett Johanssen as Cinderella

Rachel Weitz as Snow White
Jessica Biel as Pocahontas
Marc Anthony and J-Lo as Aladdin and Jasmine
Um Hello how perfect is this. . . . David Beckham as Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty!
I don't get this, but Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland, Then Lyle Lovett and Oliver Platt as the MadHatter and the other dude. . . . .what is that guys name?
Here is a recreation of the Wizard of Oz with Kiera Knightly

Jodie Foster in a recreation of Alfred HitchCocks's "The Birds"

Oh and of course. . . . .here's Miley!

Um you think you could watch the midriff there Miley. . . . . !

To her credit Liebowitz is no stranger to controversy, she got a lot of flack for this cover of Vogue featuring LeBron James in set up that was supposed to have him resembling King Kong. Which apparently is offensive, I just add it to the bologna file!

A Side Note:
As I was looking on the Vanity Fair website for the Cyrus photos, I stumbled upon this gem of a picture! The one thing I find the most annoying thing is the constant polygamy jokes everyone throws out whenever they try to poke fun at Mormons, most of the time I don't laugh, but this is by far the funniest Polygamy joke ever!!!! And if you saw the original cover, you'd also laugh, because those girls where not that covered up previously!
Anyway, to make a long story even longer, Miley Cyrus bugged me before, because I don't even think she's that good of a singer, every time I've seen her perform I thought she sounded awful. I just don't understand what all the fuss is about! I will give her this, Her now overly played single "See You Again" is pretty catchy, so props to the song writers and producers that created it, but man she's such a huge personality that I have a really hard time understanding why there wasn't someone in her crew or posse that thought this might be an issue, and advised them to do something else, unless maybe this is exactly what they wanted, Maybe the Hannah Montana lip gloss's and bed sheets and clothes and credit cards weren't enough, she needed another way to force herself into the lives of the world and if that's the case you win Miley!


angie said...

it must have been tough for you to see your hero fall off her pedestal like that...

krystind said...

why was the lebron cover offensive??? i totally didn't get that one AT ALL. Please explain to me.

I think she's a better singer than hillary duff though.

Obviously the disney channel route is the way to go in entertainment these days...

And i also think that her eyes are a little too close together sometimes and the shot of her in the sheet she looks like she's a meth addict.

angie said...

a couple more things:
lyle lovette is playing "the march hare".

I love these disney pictures. Have you seen julianne moore as ariel yet...so pretty. and the peter pan one with tina fey as tinkerbell...her facial expression is priceless.

Jenifer said...

Wouldn't you love to be photographed by Annie? I can't believe what a scandal this has been! Slow news week? My kids looooove Miley, they sing her all the time. Lucky me, right?

Gwen Stoker said...

From the looks of things...it looks like the picture with Miley and her padre, B-Ray, was taken at the SAME shoot!! so you CANNOT tell me that he didn't know about the shady picture!! and those recreation disney picture are GORGEOUS! ooh that David Beckham...he knows things...mmm

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