Monday, March 2, 2009

"What is so fascinating about sitting around watching a bunch of pituitary cases stuff a ball through a hoop?" ~Woody Allen, Annie Hall

I'm not a sports person, I don't understand the rules of the game most of the time and If you would have asked me what the lines on the gym floor where for I'd have told you they where there for decoration! But for some reason I really enjoy watching our schools basketball teams, I think there is something about knowing the people playing that makes it a good time! Also this year as an ASB Officer I got the chance to toss out prizes to the crowd during Time Outs which made it all the more entertaining. Unfortunately this year was the first year in a while we didn't even qualify for NWAACS (I don't know what it stands for but it's the state tournament for Basketball, that's enough info right?) Which was surprising to me, because I felt like we had a lot of players this year that played with a lot of heart, but oh well! Big Bend is always #1 in my heart!

Top 5 favorite things and moments from this season where

5. The delicious hot dogs at the concession stand, and my free pretzel w/cheese and a soda didn't taste too shabby either!

4. Making those paper fortune tellers and Rhen discovering that her future entails loneliness and an over abundance of cats! and Rhoan being told he's the next American Idol!

3. Almost decapitating that old man when I tried to toss him a seat cushion (steered clear of those the rest of the time)

2. The baseball players cheering "Left, Right, Left Right, Left, Right. . . ." as an opposing player got fouled out of the game, it seriously took him like five minutes to take his seat, but the Baseball cheering squad being as stalwart as they where continued to shout until finally he did and they all yelled "SIT DOWN". Their commitment to the art of heckling was inspiring!
and finally

1. First home game that went into triple over time, long night, but when Michael Hatar kept getting those 3 pointers at the last second that tied us up it instantly brought my pep back, best game ever!

This is not our team, and I'm sorta glad because this type of stretching and all the butt slapping, make me wonder sometimes???

Yum Licorice is good!

Thor. . . .our fearless Mascot!

This is the prize tossing crew. . . from L-R Virginia Valdez, Andrew Hyer, Rhen Ashby, Brady Coulston, Me, and Angela Fales.

This is Me and Nikki and James Baker's baby Jenna, this little lady is a BBCC Superfan! She's been coming and supporting Big Bend Sports since she was a weeks old. . .now that's dedication!

Here's the Baseball/Softball cheering section!

Kayla Chamberlain tossing things to the loudest patron!

Dale our Announcer/ DJ has been a B-Ball game staple since I can remember! he's also famous for playing Final Countdown as the players enter the court, and is quite partial to the Footloose and Space Jam Soundtrack!

I will Punch you in the face Thor!!!!

Gina Brown on the right is one of my favorite programmers pictured next to her is her boyfriend who's name escapes me and next to him in the white shirt is another girl I can't remember, but these cats are there every game and activity. . . talk about support!

Eww that's gross!

Casey Anderson and Thor!

Baseball Squad and Thor!

Get your finger out of your nose Ben Hardy or I will Hulk Smash you!!!!!

Our fearless leader Kim Jackson!

This season was good times! here's to next year being even better!!!
Peace Out!


angie said...

but you won't be there next wouldn't you want it to suck when you are gone?

Rhen said...

haha i think i took half of thoses pictures lol and when we were trying to get the one of jenna she wouldn't look at me lol... good times, good times..

Alicia West said...

Hey Emily,
It's your cousin Alicia, again. I really love your blog. I am glad my friend came across it I think I will check it all the time now, You have inspired me to be a blog reader. LOL! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I find your mascot offensive to my cultural heritage.

krystind said...

Uh, where you going next year????

Also, i think michael shelton was the best mascot big bend ever had.