Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"I would rather lose a good earring than be caught without make-up."- Lana Turner

It's Spring Break here at Big Bend and so technically I'm supposed to be on break, but I got asked a few favors and so instead of vegging on the couch I've been here at school helping out with a few things. One of which was this program called Gear Up where they get middle school kids psyched about college and careers they might be interested in. I guess Big Bend hosts it and they have Thor our college Mascot make an appearance, well our original Thor was busy so Kim asked me If I could do it. I was like sure why not, wouldn't be so bad, all I have to do is get dressed up and dance around. . . . not unlike what I normally do, and this time I get payed. So I started working on my dude moves, and getting myself pumped up and ready to perform, I rolled into school this morning got the costume on, and lets just say I have a hole new respect for Mascots. . . .those outfits are A) Really Hot, and B) kind of hard to see and breathe in! The flesh colored cap I donned underneath the mask had to be adjusted so it didn't gag me to death, and when I started dancing it crept up and covered my mouth so I had an even more difficult time breathing, but luckily no one could see my face, I may have ruined the mood if that was the case. Anyway, I hope those kids couldn't tell it was really a girl working that gym.
Can you spot the difference between these two mascots???
This is the lovely shot of me afterwords. . . . good call Kim!
Now, when I left the house this morning I thought to myself, should I do my hair and put on make-up? Then my practical side. . . (which I rarely listen to anyway so why I chose today to do so I haven't a clue) said "What for? No one's gonna see you, but maybe Kim and some of the gym guys, and it's all gonna get messed up anyway right?" So, out the door I went, I did my thing and as I was getting ready to get my blog on in the ASB office the Gear Up people in desperation asked me if I could fill in for the Cosmetology person who was supposed to speak to some of the students that day, she had just called and cancelled on them, and they where desperate. I mean I knew they had to have been desperate if their only option was make-up less frizzy haired me! So I agreed to help them out, even though I informed them that all I knew about cosmetology is what I've learned from my friends, but they had no problem with it. So for three 20 minute sessions I spoke to a classroom full of 8Th grade girls about what it takes to become a beautician I showed them pictures from my blog about good and bad hair cuts, and for being thrown into the ring about 20 minutes before the show, I'd have to say it went pretty darn well!
The lesson to be learned here is from now on I go no where without my face! I mean you just never know when you're gonna be asked to speak to a room full of girls about beauty and you look like this. . . . . . .

What a funny day eh?



Norm said...

you can totally tell which one is you just by the way you're standing. Totally a girl stance.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Norm. I was going to say that exact thing.

I can practically see your Cereal Box Face through the mask!

Hey... where's my jar of crap?!?

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh gee, of ALL the classes to cancel for a girl who left her mascara home! How funny and yet how appropriate...you're a natural.

I say you're number one. Am I right?

Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

HAHAHA So funny!! You're quick on your toes, so I'm sure your presentation was awesome!!
It was kind of a girly stance, but I'm sure you worked it out & were a great Thor!!

Anonymous said...

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