Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"My advice, Be healthy, reach your own goals and don't be afraid to impersonate a SNL star...”- Teri Hatcher

I've said it before and I'll say it again. . . I think of myself as a mimicker, I thrive on taking other peoples great ideas ( mainly Saturday Night Lives or Angie's) and making them my own, I cannot name you a time I've come up with an original concept all on my own. Even with music I learned to sing by copying what I heard not only the notes, but the tone as well. Anyway, if you've known me long enough you know how much I love to quote things and I almost always strive to deliver it in the exact comedic timing the original person performed it. It drives me crazy otherwise, if I was a perfectionist I'd probably be the most annul about that, because it drives me crazy when people do lousy impressions.

So does this blog post have a point, well yes it does! Nothing stirs my heart more then funny impressions and here are two of my favorite I witnessed this last week, that make me happy and giddy inside, I make me feel OK about my obsession with impersonations. It's also purely coincidental that both of these feature Justin Timberlake, although fitting, because I love him!

Anyway please watch and enjoy! And please believe I will be quoting these for a while!

Andy Samberg during Weekend Update doing his interpretation of what the Comic Strip Cathy would sound like. . . . Brilliant! Then there's Justin as her Husband Irving and Jessica Biel (Justin's current main squeeze) as Jessica Rabbit. . . . .Get ready to laugh your face off!

Justin Timberlake does an impersonation here on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, of Michael McDonald, and I think it's the funniest thing, and I've recently attempted to do this one myself, but all I did was wake up Qiana from a nap, so it didn't go over well. . . . I guess I'll keep working on it!

funny. . . . no? I dare you to say otherwise!

Peace out!


Piper said...

Oh my hell! JT is definitely a reniassance man! BTW, the second clip shows the Gibbs, not Michael McDonald. Funny anyway.

Stacie said...

JT cracks me up. To no end. He is so ridiculously funny.