Thursday, March 5, 2009

"This is American Idol"- Ryan Seacrest

Ok so tonights the last night before the Top 12 contestants on American Idol are finally figured out! This season has been really crazy and I'm not sure I'm completly in love with the new direction they have taken, don't get me wrong AI is still one of my favorites, but unfortunaetly this blog is going to be geared more towards some of my frustrations with how things have transpired thus far.

One) What was with the song choices????? Almost all of them where terrible! It seemed like almost every contestant got the "I'm just not sure you picked the right song" critique. It was almost like everyone buckled under the pressure and didn't use their judgement correctly. Or maybe it's the fact that they had such a huge selection to choose from. I don't know all I do know, is that if I ever get on that show I will not make my final selection on a song until I run it by Angie first! She has watched that show since season 1, she's knows what's been over done, she's got an ear for what sounds good, and she's never steared me wrong with song choices in the past when we were Karaoke extradinaires, I just wish these contestents had their own personal Angie that could help them out because they really need it!

Two) If American Idol is a singing competition, and they want to be taken seriously, then why in the world are they lip-synching those group numbers and forcing them to do cheesy choreography? Now maybe it was my attitude, but I did not once enjoy in the last 3 weeks any of the ensemble numbers they threw together I thought they where a smidge awkward to watch, and I really hope AI realizes they look slightly hypicritical when the man that owns the show (AKA Simon) often tells contestants they are too "Cabaret" or sound like they singing on a cruiseship and then do group numbers that personify that stereotype to the fullest. . . aren't the producers of the show in control there?

Whatever. . . moving on


RIP Norman Gentle


Four) How is it this girl keeps coming back?????
This is the second time the judges have pulled the switcheroo with her. Here's an idea Judges maybe the reason you hesitate with Tatianna is because she's obnoxious! Little Miss Tatianna seems to think she's the only person who's ever struggled to obtain a dream, so that's a little annoying. . .nobody understands how hard you've worked to be there. . . .no one understands. . .really? You know I'm sure Jorge your fellow countrymen might beg to differ! Also, it irritates me that they let her into the wild card round based on her "Passion", that's Crazy! And that tells all the other crazies out there that if you irritate the judges enough and feign over excitment enough to look psychotic, they'll let you through! This girl with her crazy laugh, which is obviously fake, I mean any girl who laughs like that and wears something like this to an audition

can not be serious, and from one attention getter to another, you are not fooling me missy!!!! I see right through your little show! And I pray to the gods of glorifyed Karaoke competitions that this girl doesn't make it into the top ten and I have to endure her on tour! Yes I will admit she has a voice, but when you drive people crazy with your "over the top" antics, that becomes obsolite in my book, it's all about the package with this one! Some of you stopped listening to Chris Brown when he became an abuser, and he's offley talented! Well I stop rooting for people when they become ridiculous. . . . it's all the same to me. Chris Brown is an Abuser of girlfriends, Tatianna is an abuser of my patience!

On a lighter note!

Thus far it is my prediction that top prize will go to Danny Gokey

Or as Angie refers to him as Robert Downey Jr.

So far he is the only one that has managed to captivate me everytime I've seen him perform, I love the growl in his voice, I love the way he makes a song his own, and doesn't try to copy the artist, this guy has accomplished what everyone else has tried to do and failed. Thus he is my prediction for American Idol Winner.

Now due to another friend staking claims on him as her favorite, I am forced to find another I dub Emily's Favorite and as a result I have decided to root for Adam Lambert so I do not tread on anyone's territory (and also because Anoop and Matt have been claimed as well). My only wish is that he figures out how to keep his tongue in his mouth when he sings so he stops freaking people out!

And that's my stories and I'm sticking to them!

Peace out!


angie said...

thanks for mentioning me not once but twice on this blog...keep it up. and you don't have to choose can always go with lil know she judges LOVE her!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I just have to say I was SO MAD when they brought Tatiana back in the wild card, and seriously what the heck was she wearing last night? Her boobs were going to fall out any second and she kept having to adjust so they wouldn't, it was the uglies thing I have ever seen!!!!! I just can't stand her either!! I really hope Megan gets through tonight, I really liked her in the first round!

oh and I don't think the judge simon is the producer of the show. i think the producer guys name is simon fuller or something like that. they are different people I think. But you would still think maybe the judges could have some say in there little numbers!! (I could be completely wrong on this, but that is what I thought... correct me if I am way off my rocker please!!!)

Kimmy said...

Emily, I love your Idol talk...even if it's your frustrations...because I feel the same way!!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Raises glass of diet coke and toasts the Em k Dub!

They are sorta kinda pissing me off, BUT with the wild card picks, my predictions are closer to accurate and at the end of the day me being right is what it's all about! I kid.

I'm not loving some of the changes and I think the loss of viewership has prompted some 'token' acts as a bargaining tool. I'll leave it at that as not to call anyone out-it has nothing to do with the contestants and everything to do with the producers. Which, btw-is Simon Fuller not Cowell, when you unleash your wrath, I want you to go after the right dude!

Kyle said...

Emily, I didn't even know American Idol was happening again, but hearing you rant about it makes me miss the days of yore when we would sit at Nette's house and you would force feed it to me, even though I secretly liked it. When you get down here you know we're gonna hit up some karaoke! I can't wait!

Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

I'm pretty sure that annoyance at Tatiana would have been the death of me if I had to watch one more second of her, seriously! .... Perhaps that's what she's going for though, her secret agenda... more spotlight action.... death by Tatiana annoyance, it would be all over the press. I'd just be giving her what she wanted; besides a singing career that is :)

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