Thursday, September 4, 2008

"This is the stuff I think about when the dog bites and the Bee stings"- Applesauce Pete

Almost nothing makes me more happy or puts me in a better mood then music and I got some jams that I'm currently psyched outta my mind about right now. And I wanna share em with you!!!

Crush- David Archuleta

I guess the official video has not dropped, or they have not posted it on YouTube yet, but anyway it plays the song atleast so you can hear it and judge for yourselves, but chalk one up for Archie, and I don't know if David Cook knows this, but he better drop something hot because right now "The Time of my life" is not my jam and Mr. Archuleta her is strumming on my heart strings with this one!

Pink- So What

Pinks Divorce was pretty crazy news when it hit my ears, because I thought her and Carey where perfect for each other, but I ,guess you never know! Judging by the lyrics you'd think things where pretty rough between them, but he makes a guest appearance in the video. . . . .so maybe not. I have a feeling they are gonna be the next Pamela and Tommy, it's just a hunch! But all that doesn't matter the song is hot and gets me Crazy pumped! I've been practicing my rock moves to it all week. . . I hope it does the same for you, another prediction I have is I'm gonna absolutley dispise this song in about two weeks, because it's gonna get so over played I can feel it!

Sugarland- All I Wanna Do

Caught this song at the rodeo this year, and it struck a chord with me so I immediatley downloaded it, and have made it my getting ready in the morning song for the past two weeks! Sugarland rarely dissappoints, and this upbeat love song is another one to add to the many hits of theirs that I enjoy!

New Kids On the Block feat. Ne-Yo- Single

We where listening to this song on our way to Seattle and I asked Michelle who it was and she said it's NKTOB and was like NO WAY!!!!!! That doesn't sound like them at all, I definately catch Ne-yo in there, but I thought maybe it was one of P Diddy's bands or something, but apparently I didn't have enough faith in my boys, because with Ne-yo's help they totally fooled me. . . . .I guess they can do more then just pop songs, because this song sounds like Techno R&B to me! Good Work Fella's

Jazmine Sullivan I Need U Bad

This song is probably my most favorite! The first time I heard it I loved it! I have come to the realization that R&B is my most favorite genre of music, and I would probably choose it over any other! I Love soulful voices and tend to really connect with music that has that element regardless of the style. This girl has a great voice that I could listen to all day! I hope she doesn't end up like another Tweet, who just comes and goes, but with Missy behind her she'll have a good run atleast for this year anyway!

So what are some songs you guys can't stop listening too? New or Old! Tell me your thoughts because I've got an addiction to downloading right now! I'm always down for more options!



T.Allen-Mercado said...

In no particular order...

I'm loving my husband's mix sets from his last can download them here:

colbie caillat-realize
james morrison-you give me something
lizz wright-my heart
joss stone-tell me 'bout it

let me know if you like any of those...


angie said...

gym class heroes feat. busta rhymes--peace sign up, index down.

Mindy said...

I have to say that most songs I can't stop listening to is Celine Dion. I love her song Goodbye's the Saddest Word, makes me cry when I listen to it cause I love my mama. The other one is Pocket Full of Sunshine.