Monday, September 1, 2008

". . . And I'll Take With Me the Memories, To Be My Sunshine After the Rain"- Boyz II Men

Friday was my last day as the AmeriCorps volunteer at WorkSource, (Cue Debbi Downer music), and while I'm sad about leaving a job I liked and People I grew to appreciate, but I'm really excited to get my life back on track and do something to better myself.

Here's a list of things I'm gonna miss and other's not so much!

Farewell to my favorite soda machine that almost always supplied me with the energy to complete my tasks for the day, except for the one time when it gave me a Diet Pepsi instead of a Dew, that wasn't so awesome! But all in all you where a good friend and gave me a reason to leave my desk and chat it up with whomever was willing to talk! (Mostly Eric and Tabitha)

They put me in the same section as the veterans unit, and I probably looked really silly compared to all the military stuff they had up, but oh well they might not, but I'm really gonna miss my desk! I had it all decorated just the way I like, to some of you it might look cluttered, but to me it was home! And I will miss the good times I had there!

The Phone chord for my phone was the most obnoxious thing ever, it was all tangled and twisted and made it really hard to make phone calls, which I did frequently, so all I have to say is SEE YA crazy chord you will not be missed at all!

Pictured above is mine and Tabitha's poster board we made to explain our programs with AmeriCorps. We took it to a lot of the Job Fairs and Outreach stuff we did, I'm really gonna miss her and I taking the company car and hitting the road. Or sitting around at Job Fairs twiddling our thumbs because no one's that interested in what we have to say! Our Office field trips where the best!

I'm not gonna miss this vest, truth be told this was the first time I ever sported this in public, I brought all my AmeriCorps gear into work my second to the last day just so I could take pictures to show you. I'm not a huge fan of fleece vests, so this baby has a permanent spot in my closet! But luckily now I will have no guilt feelings when I pass over it.

This is Betty Moore, you might recognize her as being one of my victims for the cubicle decorating I did. I just love this Lady to pieces. I hadn't worked at WorkSource more then 3 weeks and she took it upon herself to remember my Birthday and bring me a cake! She does that for everyone! She's like the busiest person in the place, but still finds time to do special things for people when the occasion calls for it. They told me right off she was like the Office Mom, and I found out first hand just how true that was. Betty was also the one that ratted me out about my Utah trip that I took with my friends in Jan. My Mommala doesn't love it when I take trips because in all actuality I have more important things to do with my Money, but because I'm a mature adult I just spend it anyway, so I usually get a good talkin' too when stuff like this comes up, so to avoid the lectures I just don't say anything. Well Betty was concerned about my Time Sheet being sent in on time, so she called my house and let the Cat out of the Bag by saying She knew I was out of town but needed to contact me. She felt pretty bad, but Mom was gonna find out sometime. . . .right?

Another thing I'm really gonna miss is my Co-Worker Lucy's fabulous footwear! These previous 2 shots are pictures of my favorite ones they are like Keds with wedges. . . . platform Tenni-runners if you will! I know I know, insert spice girl joke here! If Lucy ever sees this blog, I would bet she'd be pretty upset, because I sort of snuck these pictures, but come on! Would you believe me if I didn't have proof?

I have my two office BFF's that I'm gonna miss like crazy!

Tabitha for her love of all things Asian, for getting me to try Sushi, for helping me when my car runs out of gas! And being my partner in crime for all my crazy Shenanigans, I just want you to know I couldn't have survived without you and I'm super glad we became friends, and hope we continue to be lunch buddies and stuff!

Eric for his love of all things medieval, for not getting mad when I stole his favorite mug, for his advice and counseling sessions as well as protecting me against annoying customers, for sharing his food even when it was 4 month old gingerbread as pictured here. . . . it's still good I swear! And for putting on his best extrovert face when he just wants to be his normal introverted self! I'll really miss our trips to Safeway and "Things that Suck" e-mails! You're a gem Eric even if you wouldn't let me take another picture of you, so all my blogging friends don't think you look like Satan!

Here's a shot of me doing what I'm supposed to be doing. . . . . .

. . . . .And here's a shot of me doing what I usually do, instead!

You already know I'm gonna miss that!

So truth be told I got away with a lot of stuff that most other actual employees probably couldn't, but because my main purpose there was to do outreach or assist the employees if they needed, it turned into a lot of free time for me, which is probably why I planned so many parties.
I'm not sure when or if I'll have another job where I'll get to help as many people, I really stumble with what words to use that can sum up the good feelings that come from teaching people something new or motivating them to try harder, or even just helping them figure out something they didn't understand. Teaching the workshops will probably be what I miss the most because that's where I felt the most purpose.
AmeriCorps's theme is "Your World, Your Chance to Make it Better" Sometimes I'd get feedback, that made me feel like I lived up to that. And while it was a small mark I may have left, at least it was something.

On my last Day they really spoiled me! I got a cake and some parting gifts! And they took me to lunch at the China Buffet!

I know you can't tell by the weird look on my face, but I was pretty stoked about the scrapbook stuff they got me!

This is me with my very own Sticker maker! Awesome, Right?

But Don't think I didn't leave with out first giving them a parting gift of my own!!!!
Tabitha and I discussed ideas for a final Sha-bang, and while shopping for materials at the dollar store, I had an epiphany.
I decided to do a little gender reversal and turn the guys bathroom into a girls and the girls into the guys! and whatta ya know people actually fell for it!!!!!

I'll start with the Men's

Please notice the maxi pads and Pregnancy Test!

And of course. . . .The Ladies!

I have to apologize I don't think the pictures do it justice, I think Tabitha and I did pretty good with what we had to work with, and even the new administrator thought it was funny, so Yeah for last day!!! I couldn't have wished for a better day, nor could I have wished for a better experience period!
So, I'm officially closing the AmeriCorps chapter of my life. . . . . here's hoping my new and upcoming experiences give me something to blog about!


Susan said...

Oh Emily! Your bathrooms are too, too hiliarious! So very funny.

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

That's way to awesome! I wish we could something reversal like that at our work. It would be the coolest!!!

Jenifer said...

I'm sitting here by myself and laughing out loud at those bathrooms! You are so funny! They will miss you alot. Good luck with your new chapter!

Lena Gilbert said...

I'm excited for you to start your new job! I'm going to be in moses lake next week from mon-thurs just visiting the fam so we should get together! Kevin's going to fargo so its just me and Isak. I'll give you a call.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm sure you will be sorely missed, it looks like you brought lots of life to the place!

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