Monday, September 22, 2008

". . . And There's a Sign on your door, no vacancy, just emptiness, without your love, I'm homeless"- Leona Lewis,

Hello friends! I had a lot stuff happen this weekend I need to catch you up on, but first the latest shinanigans from the Singles Ward!

A while ago Angie and I where discussing things, and she made mention that she thought having a homeless theme for a dance would be a fun time, and an untapped area we've never ventured, so like always I put the idea to good use, and we had our first ever "Hobo Ball" this past Saturday, and man was it the best idea ever! I still couldn't get people to dance, I'm convinced only liquid courage will do that, and that's just not an option for church dances, so I'm out of luck, but people did have a dandy time coming up with costumes and roasting weenies over the burn barrels, so all in all I think it was a great activity! Here's some shots of the party!

We where all told to put on or best homeless face, looks like Derick Roylance wins this round!

Here's Meredith Ottley, Sheena, Chelsea Herd, and Kyndra Wright warming their hands by the fire!

Martin Roylance, Jordan Baker, Riley Roylance, adn Derick Roylance almost lit themselves on fire setting these things up!

Here's a close up of my outfit, I was inspired by the Pigeon lady from Home Alone 2

Nette Nette's working the whole runaway teen look, she's works with them, so she would know!

Here's Sara Hyer showing off her contrabution to our canned food drive (Just so you all don't think we are completley heartless, we did collect canned foods to donate to our local food bank)

I think Bryce Roylance and Karly Backman are working that teen runaway thing as well!

Here's all us Hobo's getting our "Hustle" on!

Now we already decided a winner for best Costume, is was Gwenny of course because she's unbeatable, the runners up where Sara Gaertner and Elliot Goodrich all outfits you will see in a second! Our second competition involves you my fine blogging friends! I told people to come up with their own cardboard sign and the best one will win a prize, but I'm leaving it up to you (My readers) to decide which was one takes the cake!

The following are our contestents, please leave your vote in my comments box, and I will announce the winner on Sunday!

Contestant #1 Garret Moore (He's actually from Canada, so this is funny!)

#2Catoura Castleton- Her sign says "Time Traveler, Need Money for a new Flux Capacitor"

#3 Kent Law- Apparently those Flux Capacitor's are expensive!

#4 Sarah Bryant with a sign that says "Need Money to have the stick Surgically Removed"

#5 Ok so This girl is new to our ward, and as soon as I find out her name, I will change this post, but until then she's the "New Girl" and hey mad props for her dressing up and this being her first activity that I know of. . . .well done! She decided to go with the classic "Please Help Need Gas to Get Home"

#6 Here's a double shot of Lisa Quinn with her sign that just has an arrow and simple says Tokyo

#7 is Kevin Mills with "Ninja's Kidnapped Family need Money 4 KA RA TEA"

#8 Emily Goodrich's family wasn't as lucky as Kevin's, those darn Ninja's where's Chuck Norris when you need him!

#9This was the only picture I found of Meredith's sign, it says "Won't Work for food, So will you give me Money for some?"

#10 Here's our Best Dressed Winner Gwenny with her "Betcha Can't hit Me With a Quarter sign"

#11 Sara Gaertner with her "Why Lie I Need a Man" sign

And last but not least #12 Elliot Goodrich there are two pictures of Elliot because he does destitute so well, his sign says "Will Dance for Food" and then a Scripture reference of Luke 276:4 (I Love that one)

So it's up to you folks! Happy voting!

Peace Out!


Jenifer said...

Fun! I wish you were in my ward. It would be so fun.
I liked the ninja sign.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I can't decide! Garrett (Canada dude) and Sarah (Need a man gal) They made me laugh out loud!

You all look like you had a blast, and as a Native New Yorker, I can tell you many of the outfits were pretty credible! :) Good deal on the canned goods drive, you rock!

Mardis Family said...

I'm gonna have to go with Gwenny, because her outfit rocks, and her sign is hilarious!

Piper said...

#7, that cracked me up!! Pretty authentic, because a homeless person may not know how to spell Karate. Plus, the stick figure as an illustration!

Carolyn said...

LOVED Gwen's sign. It was awesome. However, I think I liked Meredith's the best. I just feel like that is SOO true. Haha!!

Looks like you guys had a great time. And, I LOVED your costume as well. Totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Sarah Bryant. For the record, she still has the stick lodged in her skull, so donations are presumably still gratefully accepted.

KingFAM said...

How funny and creative! It looks like a great activity! Hahaha...I love the costumes. Emily Goodrich stuck out the most to me! :-)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Ok I am voting for #8 Emily Goodrich!! I gotta stick behind my people!!! But I must say that Elliot made a pretty good homeless person and I have to give honorable mention to the need a man sign, that was pretty funny!!!

Mindy said...

I think the best one was "betcha can't hit me with a quarter" cause I laughed out loud on that one. I also liked Kevin Mills' ninja one.

EmilyG said...

This dance seriously rocked, and I didn't even know about it until I went home for the weekend. Plus, Elliott dressed me up as I brushed my teeth. Thanks for the votes! I actually saw this sign being used by real-life homeless people in Seattle at least two different times.

Emily - I'm really going to try to get this going over here because it was the best idea ever! The burning barrels still make me laugh.

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