Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Don't Look No Farther, Baby I'm Back Yeah!"- Baby Bash

On average I get about 5 or 6 comments on my blog posts, but last weeks flashback USA blog, you people out did yourselves! I got a record 16 comments, apparently you guys really like ridiculous pictures of me! So thanks for all the positive feedback! Now the only problem is I'm having a hard time trying to think of something to follow that, now everything I had planned seems too boring! I finally decided today, that there's just no possible way I could top what I just did, so I'm not gonna try! And it's ok if only 3 or 4 of you want to comment, or some of you are disappointed because these next couple of posts aren't nearly as funny, I will do what I can! For now it's time to play catch up, I have a bunch of pictures I've taken with the intention of blogging about them, but just haven't gotten around to it, so here goes!

It's been like 3 weeks since I've been done with WorkSource, and the week after I had almost nothing to do because the radio station didn't really need me for anything just yet, so I was kinda bored. I know what you are thinking "If things where that bad why didn't you blog everyday?" Well my internet here at the house is super touchy and doesn't always want to work, but I'm not exactly paying for it, so who do I complain too?

Anywho the good news is I'm all registered for school, I am officially a student at Big Bend Community College where I'm hoping I can finish up my AA in the next year or so and hopefully move to Utah get my Bachelors and make it big in the radio biz! That's the dream anyway!

In the mean time I've been byding my time doing things like this. . . . . . .

Trips to Seattle with my Favorite People to see Boyz II Men (Man are they awesome!) and Shrek the Musical (Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!)

Gwenny and I hit up the Japanese Gardens. . . . .and who says Moses Lake can't be green!

Gwenny and I would be some pretty high priced Geisha's if you ask me! How fly are we?

Please notice the green sign. . . . . whoops I hope nobody from maintenance crew sees this!

My Double wide feet in the sand!

I tried to get his parasoule in as many pictures as possible!

"When will my Reflection show, who I am inside. . . . . "

The Quincy crew which now consists of Kent, Stace, Meredith, and Sheena (and sometimes Adam) has provided us Mo-town folks with a lot of entertainment!

Gwen, Mary Reed, and myself hit up Q-Town a couple friday's agao for one of their Hometown football games (it was awesome and by awesome I mean not!)

And after words we hit up Stace's Home where we came across this. . . . . PETA members beware!

This is Stace is his security garb with a few friends!

They must still be in the process of mounting this one!

When I grow up I want a display like this on my entertainment center!

Gwen ain't no cowardly lion!

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

Here's Kent with his Game face on!

This last Monday for Family Home Evening, the ward Fam did this crazy thing called Geo Cacheing and apparently it's a big deal all over the world, but it's basically this big treasure hunt people with GPS systems do. I guess you bury treasure measure the coordinates of where you hid the loot and post it on the internet, so people can plug it into their trackers and find it, here's some of us at one of the locations where some stuff was hidden over looking Moses Lake at Connelly Park.

The Lake of Moses!

Gwen and I. . .what a view behind us huh?

I'm not gonna lie, this last 3 weeks have been kind of sweet, I get to sleep in, watch ridiculous shows on MTV, not shower until the late afternoon! It's been like a little vacation, and by the looks of it, probably the last large chunk of time I'll have to do or not do whatever I want, for a while! So I'm really gonna attempt to cherish these last few days I've got until life gets busy again! Don't worry though, no matter how crazy things might get, I'm about 99.9% sure I'll find time to blog! So, until next time. . . . .

Peace Out!


Piper said...

still busy though! enjoy your time off! Can't wait till you hit UT, we have LAME people on the morning radio shows here.... dumb girls who have dumb laughs..... we need you.

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

So, can I just mention how hot Gwen's legs are? Seriously. Did anyone else see how fricken toned they are? Also, Emily West you are amazing! I'm totally jealous of this time you have to not work. I hope you have fun in these last few days before school.

Carolyn said...

Haha. Oh, I loved all the pictures. They were fantastic.

And, I agree with Piper, we really need someone good here on the radio. You will be perfect. :)

angie said...

Why don't you do me a solid and tell me if you have managed to use any of your new vocab yet?

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, the cat corpses don't exactly thrill my puma sympathies...

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