Tuesday, December 28, 2010

“Hold a friend's hand through times of trial, let her find love through a hug and a smile; but also know when it is time to let go-for every one of us must learn to grow.”- Author Unknown

Spring came along and I started my final few months at Big Bend.......

I debated writing about certain things that went down in April because I didn't talk to hardly anyone about it because I was embarrassed, but I think it was a major event that rocked my life this year and since we are reviewing.....well it wouldn't be complete without this. 

I had been involved with ASB my entire career at Big Bend and it was one of the best experiences of my life, being involved with that kept me sane and feeling like I was doing something worth while! I loved my fellow officers and advisor they where my friends and I cared for them a great deal, I loved being apart of the behind the scenes stuff and serving on committees and almost everything about it I enjoyed a great deal, the memories and experiences I had serving as an officer I'll cherish always, I got the opportunity to do a lot of amazing stuff, and anyway it was a huge blessing!

The beginning of Spring Quarter I ended up losing my ASB job, they operate on a 3 strikes you are out system but because I'm me, I had several slip ups all year..... I didn't submit a written absence request for 2 events in the same weekend, I was late once (yes that's right I said once), and I missed 2 meetings. I have my excuses and reasons for all of these things, but mistakes are mistakes and regardless of my excuses they cost me my job. I was absolutely sick for months about it, I still cringe a little thinking on it and I didn't even tell my family because I was ashamed that in a years time I had managed to lose two jobs. 

The next few months after that was the most depressed I think I've ever been, I was feeling pretty low, mainly because I realized that I can't just coast a long on my jokes and personality, that maybe now I actually have to be responsible and dependable. Making people laugh only gets you so far, if you don't have a good work ethic.... people can only be beguiled by your charm for so long before they start to get annoyed. I guess to sum it up I was sad because I realized no matter how hard I tried to justify my actions I was still in the wrong and if I wanted to keep a real job I was gonna need to change how I work. Old habits die hard, I still struggle, but admitting is the first step....... right?

Fortunately life wasn't all gloomy..... I had some things to keep me distracted.........


 if you remember April was tulip Festival time along with a trip to the zoo and Children's Museum in Seattle

As well as my first trip to Chuck E. Cheese.......a milestone really!


I got a chance to visit some of my peeps in Utah, and got a sweet tour of the BYU campus...oh and my first visit to Tocano's (delicious!)


I invested in a new camera, that has lots of cool tricks!

Including my most favorite......the "Color Accent" feature

Then of course maybe my favorite event of the Spring.......

The Lip Sync contest @ Springfest

This years theme, music from the 70's.......

Oh yeah that's my homemade disco ball costume!!!!!! Lady Ga Ga eat your heart out!

I was going for hippie chic........ turned out more Taylor Swifts fat sister! :)

I love this dress! I also possibly could be mistaken for Princess Fiona

This is me accessing my inner (or outer?) Dolly Parton!

This little boys name is Devon... he is a crack up, I invited him up on stage to do the hustle with me... and he dominated!

This is the end of the show and we were just about to announce the winners!

I'm a little sad I won't be here next year for Springfest, I hosted this baby 3 yrs. in a row....I like to think they can't possibly go on with out me, but meaning as they've been doing it for 25 yrs. I'm sure they'll be just fine....... so I'll have to make do I guess!

Summer gets really exciting.............bet you can't wait?