Monday, December 27, 2010

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”- Bill Vaughn

Wow 2010 flew by eh? holy moses did I have a stock pile of a year, lots of events happened that I never even blogged about...I got pictures for DAYS!!!!!! I need to clear some space on my storage devices and because this is the last week of the year, I've got a doozy of a "year in review" for you!


Out with the Blonde............

In with the Brunette!

New year meant it was time to switch up the hair and try something different so Anne Baker was kind enough hook me up with a sweet dye job!  I got lots of compliments and felt like a new lady!

Also January kicked of the start of maybe my most favorite job to date!

Now I've worked ALOT of different gigs in my day, but one stands out as being the most fun/ easiest job for my money!

And that was playing Big Bend's mascot Thor.

50 bucks a game for a solid 15 minutes of actual work, I'd dance around during time outs and toss out Big Bend shirts to the crowd..... I got free gatorade and popsicles... I got to wear this sweet ice vest under the outfit to keep me cool and for the most part nobody knew who I was, so I could be as crazy as I wanted to! Well that's a lie people did know it was me, I thought I had them fooled, but I was wrong....doesn't matter still had a lot more courage with that mask on!

Not many people can say they where their school's mascot, I'm sure I could dominate many an icebreaker game with that little factoid!


Ah was in the air

Just not for me!

Valentine's day was if you remember I threw another kick butt party!

and it was the highlight of my month!

I dressed up as Ga Ga

And here are some of my other personal favorites from "the headbanger's ball"

That's Axel Rose, Steven Tyler, and Slash

and all 6 members of KISS????

Yeah that was good times fo sho!


Don't ask why I didn't blog about our stake play this year I am ashamed I never got around to it!

From December to the end of March we worked on the Production of Hello Dolly, and it was another job well done if you ask me! I had another part that I loved (Ernestina Money) and lots of sweet costumes, not to mention lots of fun times with my stake play family!

Here are some of my favorite shots from that show!

The whole cast and crew

Sis. Ceja was like my personal assistant...she's the BEST!

Let's face it... Brittany and I are SUPERSTARS!

me with my love interest Horace!

Us lovely ladies on the spirit of 14th street float!

"Sweet Rosie O'Grady...My Sweet Little Rose!"

no blue mondays in those sunday clothes!

I was the old lady in the hat shop keeping Cassie in line!

Jessica and I made front page news.......a thank you!

At the cast party I was awarded one of the Director's awards... got my name printed on it and everything! I was pretty proud!

First 3 months of the year were busy busy like always........... Stay tuned for Spring time!