Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Summertime and the livin' is easy"- Porgy and Bess

Summer kicked off to a good start with my Graduation from Big Bend. My Familia was there to support and we hit up Michaels' afterwords to celebrate...It was a great night!

The sister and I @ Michael's

Julie and Nette Nette, Big Bend Alumnus's themselves!

Amus and I (Please notice my sweet Drag Queen shoes I found to match my gown....Jealous?)

Mom, Me, Amy, Dad, and G-Ma Schaat (doesn't it look like that balloon is floating out of my head?)

On second thought I really should have added that to my outfit!

Oh and I bedazzled my cap.......I figured I didn't make a lot of noise in the things that matter, so I had to figure out how to shine on my's what I do, and graduation ceremonies are too serious anyway if you ask me! Also my Mom and Sister made me this sweet candy/money lei and I was pretty much the happiest camper EVER!

Kelsy Garner, Me, Jeff Ranstrom, Ryan Duvall, Brandi Waites, and Paula Robinson...some of my favorite BBCC Grads!

Mattie Bergusen, Me, and Kaitlyn Reed

OK just for honesty sake, I have 110 credits (you only need 90 for an associates) but one requirement is proficiency in  Math 99....well I passed the first half of the final, but not the 2nd half. So presently I am half a math test away from having my degree in my hot little hand......I've been putting it off, don't judge me! At least it's only half right?

This summer was a whirlwind of all seems like a dream!

 We finally got a Twilight movie premiere when it was actually warm enough to line up outside like a crazy person!

 My very own werewolf!

Vampire cookies made by Aubs!

Aubs showin' off the coveted midnight showing ticket!

Me posin' with my snacks!

 Lots of trips to Shari's!

O-Town crew! Tom, Derek, and Julian

Joe and was late!

Friday Night was Sushi night and hang time with my "Cool Friends"

Singles ward camp out

yep that's me......

apparently there was a weight limit on this flotation device! :)

More trips to Shari's

lots of random trips to Walmart....because what else is open 24 HRS. other then afore mentioned hot spot?

Party at the Sand Dunes......probably the only completely sober party ever in that area!

Oh did I mention a limo ride around Moses Lake?

Oh and that was just June!

4th of July kicked the Month off right with Firework shows in Moses

and Crescent Bar

Got invited to a Girl's weekend in Bremerton, with some of my favorite SIngles ward gal pals

Jill, Laura, Kelly, and Victoria.....Party in the bathroom!!!!!
 Me having a reflective moment on the beach.......probably thinking about why plaids and stripes should totally go together!

After hitting up the local Single Adult ward in B-Town we had ourselves a little photo shoot!

needless to say...things got a little crazy!

PS this was also the same weekend I started the Ideal Protein Diet and let me just say eating brussel sprouts while everyone else eats McDonald's was TOUGH! I still can't believe I made it through without cheating!

August rolled around as quick as can be with even more fun times!

Dances in the Rain!

Or just dance parties in general......

 Game nights!

Performing with my Stake Play Family @ Toby's Dance FX Recital!

 The Grant County Fair

 but maybe the greatest event of the month................

was 4th row on the floor at the Backstreet Boys concert in Wenatchee!

Brian was looking right at me....I'm sure of it!

Yes sir that's right the BSB does ROCK!

I can't think of anything I love more than boy bands and my 2 Besties!

Does life get any better than this?

Why Yes! Yes it does!