Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but some how feeling warm inside because you're close in heart."- Unknown

 I know it's Saturday, but today's post is belated, but I consider this my Flashback Friday..... I've been thinking about my good buddy Whitney Smith, today is her birthday, and so this blog post is dedicated to her!

Back in November, Whitney left Mo-town and we all got together for what I dubbed "The Last Supper", I was was supposed to post the pictures like forever ago, so sorry very sorry this took so long, but here are some of my favorite shots from that night!

The menfolk were especially sorry to see her go!

Meredith is looking especially fierce in this pic, and by fierce I mean like a rapid dog! (Love You Mear-bear)

Two is plenty......

Three's.....a crowd?

Could my hair be bigger in this shot??


Oh puppy dog face........

This is our reenactment of DaVinci's famous painting!.... pretty good eh?

Just to give a little background, Whitney moved to Moses Lake to teach dance at Today's Generation, and she became the most sought after person in the Singles Ward, so I secretly hated her because she was everything I wanted to be. That first Sunday she impressed me a great deal because instead of chilling with all the dudes like most girls in the past. She was kind and considerate to everyone, and it was like that for the entire time she lived her, she could possibly be the sweetest person I know! Oh and fun fact not only was she my friend, but she also was one of my instructor's last year, which was funny, and awesome!

I miss her presence in our small town, but unfortunately Moses Lake had to spread the love and let the world have a little Whitney in their life. And when I say world I mean that by no exaggeration, she is currently teaching English in Taiwan, last summer she was in Fiji doing humanitarian work, and the summer before that El Salvador!

I admire her a great deal, If I had half her ambition and determination.....well I don't even want to think of where I'd be!

I just feel lucky to call her friend!

SO here's to you Whitney, I love ya, I miss ya! and Happy Birthday!