Wednesday, May 5, 2010

".....and I said hey yea yea eh eh, hey yea yea, I said hey, what's going on?"- 4 non-blondes

What's up with me? I'm glad you asked! Here's what's going on in my world!

I'm in my last quarter at Big Bend, I applied for graduation and as far as my counselor and I are concerned I'm all set to receive my 2 year degree in June. Now, I realize it's just an associates degree, but I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! It feels good to be so close to accomplishing something.....and it only took me what? 4 years to do it!!!!!

That's me though, always on time (wink, wink).

The middle of April, Angie's sister Kim and her daughter Elsie flew into Seattle and we made a little road trip out of it and hit up some hot spots, like the Woodland Zoo, Seattle's children's museum, and the Tulip festival. It was amazing, we ate some seriously delicious food, and made some serious memories! Angie who is apparently a star sighting magnet, spotted Dave Mathews at the Zoo on the carousel with his youngest son, she pointed him out to me, and I couldn't believe it at first, but after I got another good look, I was so excited, I wanted to get a picture real bad, but Ang reminded me that he was with his family and that wouldn't be so cool, man I hate it when she's right!

Here's some shots from the Zoo....

Also, I'm not gonna say I had a deprived childhood (mainly because my Mom reads my blog and I don't want her to feel bad!) But I never had the chance to attend a Chuck E. Cheese as a child, so Angie and Kim being the saints they are decided it was something I should experience, so we hit up good old Charles E. Cheese, not for the kids we had in tow, but for me!

In fact it was kinda funny because, everything we did that weekend was mainly for the kids, but I think I may have out funned them! I had a blast, here's a few more pics from the weekend.......

Children's Museum

This is my most favorite shot of the whole trip!!!!

Tulip Festival

Big shout out to Angie's friend Liz, and her cousin Diane for housing us for the weekend they were the best hosts and it was a pleasure meeting them and their families!

Just this past weekend I hit up the great state of Utah! I've been attempting a trip there to visit friends for what seems like forever, finally the stars aligned and I found a cheap one way ticket, and then drove back with my buddy Kelly Hodges.

I got to spend some quality time with Kelly's cousin Vanessa, whom I absolutely adore!

 As well as my old friends Callie Lybbert and Kyle Jackson, which is always a treat! (Callie and I forgot to take pictures of our excursion, sad day! Love you anyway Cal!) 

Kyle and I did some improv bowling and he schooled me! This is him Bowling like a nerd to impress a girl!!!

The weekend was pretty laid back, as always I ate like a queen and got a sweet tour of the BYU campus.

yep, that's a naked Indian, apparently the honor code only applies to students!

 Cousin V and I had a little date night at the Gateway mall and we ended up watching "The Last Song", just as I had expected Miley Cyrus sucked BIG TIME! Although I have to admit, there was one scene that actually kinda got to me, and Miley's acting was somewhat believable. Cousin V and I actually shed some serious tears, but that's to be expected I mean it is Nicholas Sparks!

The 11 hour drive home with Mr. Hodges was an experience, Kelly has taken upon himself the role of the brother I never had, and wasted no time finding ways to punch me at random, and gross me out, but he did take me to Tocano's for lunch, so all is forgiven!

 Just a side note, I love Utah, it's beautiful and there's lots of  stuff to do and great places to eat, and some of my most favorite people live there, but I definitely received no impressions to make it my home. There comes a time in a Single LDS girls life when she reaches that age where it feels like you've got to move somewhere in order to find a husband and you think "Hey Utah has a lot of single Mormons, maybe moving there will solve all my problems!" Uh, not so much, I've known plenty of people who have proved that theory wrong! I thought it was a place I'd like to go, but I no longer feel that way.

So what's coming up next?......priority #1 is I need to find a summer job and from there....well, I've officially decided that I should only talk about things that are definite, that are all set up and ready to go, that way it's not so disappointing if things fall through, and you don't have to explain yourself.

 In other words, I don't know yet, I've got some "irons in the fire" but nothing absolute, but I will let you know, when I know!


Melinda said...

Love that the picture with the peacock includes the word "danger"; not the first thing that comes to mind seeing a bird. :) Good for you, making your decisions. I like that you don't feel like you need to justify staying away from Utah. Good luck with your summer job and all the other fun things that'll happen over the summer!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Lotsa singles in Vegas! And lots of summer jobs! And lots of fabulous shows and lots of bright lights and lots of awesomeness!

Just saying...

angie said...

utah sounds awesome...but not as awesome as our legendary night.

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