Monday, May 3, 2010

"A hero is someone we can admire without apology."- Kitty Kelley

Moses Lake is pretty void of cool places to shop, If it's not at Wal-Mart, Fashion Bug, or Maurice's, you gotta head for the big cities because Mo-town is out of options! Now I am a girl that loves her accessories, clothes can only take you so far, and it's what you accessorize with that really makes or brakes an outfit... Am I right ladies?

That is why my My Monday Hero is Miss Angela Clay

Angie owns the store Liberating Style,I do not know exactly what brought her here to quite possibly the most fashionably challenged area of Washington, but I am extremely thankful she found her way and managed to find a reason to stay. For about 3 years now I have frequented her shops and booths, and I am never disappointed in all the sweet stuff I find! Some of my most treasured accessories have come from her, and I feel the need to praise her for aiding me in my constant quest for cute stuff!

It's not just her store that I love, This lady is truly amazing to me, If I had to describe Angie in one word it would be Industrious! On her website not only can you find her online store, but she has a Fashion Magazine, as well as blogs, photos, and videos all geared towards plus size woman who don't want to be left out of the fashion world. It seems like every time I see her she is always working on something, or trying to figure out someway to bring a little more urban culture our way and you know I'm not mad at that!  

I've purchased a variety of different things from this place, but here are a few of my favorite finds, from one of my favorite stores.

My Winter Pea Coat that has kept me warm the last 3 winters........ a Liberating Style purchase!

remember these?......... courtesy of you know who

I call this my Superbowl ring

And lastly........ possibly my greatest get of all time

One part snake, one part zebra, it's my "Snebra" purse in bright green!

If I had to pick one thing I owned that embodied my personality it would be this purse!

Everywhere I go people stop me and say "Oh I love that bag", "where'd you get that purse?" and yada yada yada! At the zoo, at the mall, at the movies, at church, the list goes on and on, this purchase may have been the greatest decision of my life!

And I owe it all to Angie and her incredible eye for style! So, much praise to you Miss Clay, thank you for bringing fashion to the basin, thank you for giving all us big girls an opportunity to feel cute, and thank you for reminding me that it's all about making the best with what you got!

You are my Hero!