Thursday, January 7, 2010

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly"- Henri Bergson

In 2001. . . . . .

I was shocked by the announcement of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's divorce ( If they can't make it no one can. . . I thought) the death of Aaliyah one of my favorite singers and. . . . . . how unattractive Halle Berry is when she cries (due to her tearful acceptance of the Oscar for Best Actress making her the first women of color to receive one)

but in all seriousness

I think the event that rocked 'o1 for everybody not just me was 9/11! Everybody has a story about where they were and what was happening at that moment and how it affected them, the thing that I thought was funny was the year America was probably at it's lowest I had one of my biggest personal triumphs, 2001 treated me well.

I got a new job at Perkins as a Hostess (JonathINN's wasn't giving me any hours!)

I did 2 plays: Fame ( I had a small part as Mrs. Schwartz the overbearing stage Mother) and Dracula ( I played a female Reinfield, it was pretty fun!)

But that September while the world was astonished and saddened by the terrorist attacks in New York and D.C. Ivan Craddock and I were named Homecoming King and Queen.

I remember the night of the big game was the same night they had that telethon to raise money for the victim's families of 9/11. The one that almost every television and radio station had cancelled it's regular programming so as they could all broadcast the same event.

My Father was driving me to Lions field where the game took place and we were listening to that program. I remember feeling a little guilty that it was such a somber time for our Nation, and I was having one of the most exciting and memorable nights of my life to date. It was humbling, I have never felt so big and yet so small in one moment.

Big things really started poppin' in '02

Kelly Clarkson was crowned the 1st American Idol, Britney Spears made her film debut in the BLOCKBUSTER "Crossroads" and both NSYNC and Backstreet Boys disbanded!

but there were lots of life changes and monumental moments for me as well. . . . .

1. I ended my High School theatre experience as The Wicked Stepmother in "Cinderella"

2. Graduated from High School

and said farewell to my best friends

3. Entered the Moses Lake Young Single Adult Ward!

4. Got a sweet Bank job!

and. . . . . .

5. Hit up the Big Apple-

Oh man in 2002 the world was my Oyster! I was a fresh faced 18 yr old ready to make my mark! Little did I know it would take me a lot longer then expected to do that. . . . but that's growing up eh?

OK I know it's a double dose
but what were your favorite moments of 01-02?


The Harris Family said...

I am loving your reminiscing. I am glad I was apart of some of them...It brings back a lot of fun memories for me

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

This is a great set of posts! I love it! Check out my blog. I left you a present. : )

angie said...

i can't believe you have a picture with luis! awesome.

I'm assuming I come into play in the next years account...if you could check the pictures with me first that would be great. :)

Katie said...

I echo Crystal's comment. I miss you, Em!

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