Monday, January 4, 2010

". . . . .Oh Two Thousand Zero Zero Party Over OOps Out of Time!" - Prince

Well people the end of the decade is upon us, and I really can't believe it's been ten years!!! It's seems like only yesterday I was preparing my bomb shelter with the necessary means to survive the end of the world! :)

Seriously though, do you remember where you were that New Year's Eve? When the Y2K was supposed to be the end of it all! I was at my buddy Lacey Martin's House with all my BFF's at the time. Lacey, Katie Jensen (Reese), Crystal Montoya (Harris), Lena Campbell (Gilbert) and Danny Payne. I remember there was sparkling cider and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep when everyone was watching "Strange Brew", lucky for us the world went right on turning after the clock struck midnight, because man were we party animals!!!!

This has caused me to take a walk down memory lane and contemplate the highlights of my life over the last decade and so the next few blog posts will be dedicated to the reminiscing of my life from 2000-2009!

IN THE YEAR 2000. . . . . .

Coyote Ugly, Bring It On, and Centerstage where some of my favorite movies, and I could be found singing ". . . I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, whooooo, I am fo REEEAAUUULLL!" at the top of my lungs because that song was THA JAM!!!

It was a year of firsts for me in January I got my first legit job AS a Waitress at this little Restaurant called JonathINN's. It was located less then a mile away from my house, and the owners knew my parents, so that helped me land it, even though I had zero experience! I still crave their steak and twice baked potatoes to this day!
I turned 16 the end of 1999, but because I've always been a late bloomer I didn't end up getting my license until that summer (mainly because it took me three trys to pass the written exam!). In July of 2000 my father bought me my first car, a 1986 White Ford Tempo I later dubbed "The Temptation"! That car made many a pilgrimage to McDonald's for the 49 cent Cheeseburger's with my good buddies DeeAnne Green (Mecham) and Ryan Schmidt! Those were good times!

And I had my first lead role in the Musical "Our Miss Brooks". I played Connie Brooks a Single English Teacher in the 1960's, who gets thrown into producing the school Musical and spends most of her time fighting with the School's Athletic Coach Hugo Longacre (played by Noble Brown) who she then ends up falling in love with, and blah blah blah yada Yada yada!

The end of the year I got to play one of my most favorite parts. . . . Yente the Matchmaker in "Fiddler on the Roof"

This is me with one of my Best friends (and lunch buddies) from High School Ryan Schmidt, He played Motel the Tailor!

I went to my first High School Dance, finished my term as Secretary and moved on to Vice President of Masque and Gavel (My High School Drama club) I got into Jazz Choir which had been my goal since my sister was involved, and it's also the year I became obsessed with Jewish culture and using Yiddish words like "Mazeltov", "Faklemped" or "Mommalla". I blame "Fiddler" and studying the Old Testament in Seminary!

I don't recall having a lot of care's or worries that year, life was good, I was right were I wanted to be, I had good friends, plenty of stage time, and a car that only broke down on a occasion and even then all I had to do was call my Dad and we'd get it fixed!

2000 it was a good year!

What were some of your greatest moments for Y2K?


Jenifer said...

That was the year my little Samantha was born. I was pretty pregnant that new years eve, we spent it at my in-laws. I too remember everyone buying generators for power and stocking up on food and water. hahaha!

Lilly Pyle said...

I was in Fiddler on the Roof with you! My Dad still laughs about the rubber chicken you threw out of your purse during the final show. You were the best part of that play! How fun..

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Fiddler On The Roof, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.