Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Charlie Brown is the one person I identify with. C.B. is such a loser. He wasn't even the star of his own Halloween special."- Chris Rock

Get ready ladies and gent's for a Halloween picture EXPLOSION!!!!!

No seriously I have an assanign amount of pictures from Halloween and I'm sorry, but that's just how it is!

I'm over Enrichment activities for the Relief Society at church and this month we made Halloween treats like these Frankenbrownies and magic cookie eyeballs, also attempted were Carmel apples (eating those things makes my face hurt. . . anyone else have that problem?)!

This is Joy White sampling the goodies for herself

Big Bend's Halloween dance was on a Friday this year due to scheduling conflicts but Thursday I gave the Officers and my programmers little things to wear along with their promo-shirts to help advertise for the dance. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of everyone (I mad the mistake of giving my Programmer Jacob a biker hat and gloves and it ended up looking more gay stripper then masculine biker dude, so he took it off as soon as possible and I didn't get a picture of it, probably the saddest day of my life!)

Jeff being creepy as usual! :)

Devin going for the gold in his super swim gear!

Here's Carmen Rodriguez
as our Prom Queen, Me as a flapper, and Ginna Fontaine as a Devil!

Pimp Daddy Buhler at your service!

I couldn't put these pictures in an order that flowed and made sense, so these are just going to have to be scadywompus and I'll explain as I go. I decided to go with a "Mad Scientist" theme for the dance at school this year mainly because I saw a sweet Frankenstein balloon in a catalog and I thought I must have that for something! from there I started looking for Specimen jars and potion bottles I asked our DJ if he would dress up as the mad scientist I asked catering if they could score some dry ice, Kim ordered a life size blow up Frankenstein, she came up with the idea to play the "she blinded me with science" video on the big screen, and test tubes to put punch in. Then Angie found a cool DYI Specimen jars site and helped me figure out how to not spend a million dollars on that part and well slowly but surely we pieced it all together, but we ran into some snags our Frankenstein had several holes in him so he didn't stay inflated, everywhere in town was out of dry ice
and My Goodness that conference center we have events in is so huge it's very difficult to fill up and I'm afraid my idea got swallowed up in the vastness of the room, but failed idea aside it turned out to be a great evening, my sister came along and we had an awesome time together as usual!

Amy cuddling up to one of our sweet Frankenstein balloons!

'So i Put My hands Up, they're playing my song. . . . !"

I thought this girl on the right had a pretty sweet costume, those are leopard PJ's and I totally want them!

Big thanks to Beka for loaning me the Gorilla suit, I think Rhoan looks good in coconuts!

Cupid Shuffle. . . . a fan favorite!

Halloween dances are the only time we allow carnies to join in on the fun! i think this girl in the right is a strawberry daiquiri!

This couple is in my Institute class Bob and Alyssia they are super adorable!

Kelsey and Becky testing out the test tubes. . . . gee I wonder what sport they play for Big Bend?

This cross dressing couple was one of our Best Costume Winners!

pictured here is our very own "Ghost Rider" His mother did his make up and believe me the picture does not do it justice it was super sweet, and a pretty creative idea I thought!

I wanna give a Little shout out to my main man Jacob he helped me out a ton with the specimen jars and getting things set -up before everyone else got there, even after i dressed him up like the guy from the village people! You are a gem Jacob! This is him with his buddy from Seattle who also helped us out!

Pictured here Rhoan in the Monkey Suit, Devin as the member of the Parliament, and John Buhler as a Rock Star complete with inflatable guitar! I dressed all three of these boys thank you!

I think the Ugg Boot crew didn't realize this is not a costume in Moses Lake. . . . better luck next year ladies! :)

Hey Kanickie and Rizzo are here!

MJ came back from the grave for a special appearance!

I have no idea who these ladies are, but props to them for going with a group theme! and pulling it off!

My sad inflatable Frankenstein. . . .I'm still very upset about this!

Oh hey ghost Rider found a date!

Probably the scariest costumes of the night!

here's Eric Dover the Mad Scientist Himself! He was such a sport!

Oh yeah we had sexy nurses don't you worry!

Here's a few shots of what was supposed to be our experiment table.

Doesn't this Rat look like it's gonna attack you if you come near it?

this was a gummy two headed snake I found at Wal-mart, we decided to make it look like it was escaping.

Jacob and I had tons of fun hot gluing roaches and spiders to the jars, I think that gave it a pretty sweet effect!

This rat reminds me of something from Princess Bride!

We Found lots of gummy things to use for decor. Gummy Body parts in test tubes and jars and little individually wrapped packages.

I told jeff he should be Yosemite Sam and this is what we came up with for his outfit!

Pictured here we have Nicole Eckhart as a Ballerina, Rhoan (you already know), Christian Manly as a geek (complete with a guide to insects in his pocket), jeff aka Yosemite, Me in all my glory, Russell as himself, and John with his rockstar Mo-Hawk this time!

My Sister and I! Minus the feathers and wig, this is what my sister wore to prom, my mother added the feathers for her Mae West Costume and then I stole it for my outfit for the evening, any suggestions on what I should have called myself, I never really came up with an exact title?

This is a nice before shot my sister snapped of me!

I tell you what I was totally pooped and decorated out by saturday, but I still had a whole other party to help put together and for once in my life I was actually not excited, but after the night kicked into high gear I got my pep back! and We had a pretty great time Probably one of the best halloween dances the Singles ward had in a long time! thanks to everyone bringing their best attitudes

game time was fun too!

kelly earl the spider lady!

Ok so I was a troll doll but this picture was taken later in the evening when I couldn't handle the nose I'd purchased to make me look more legit.

Don't be alarmed by the naked fireman, no we didn't hire a striper, Rhoan just got a littel excited about the "Fire Burning" song!

Miss Jarna and I (yes my nose squeaked. . .jealous?)

Kelsey and Becky showing everyone how it's done!

Brandon Platt as an Angel of Death?. . . . Or just plain scary either one!

Thanks for dressing up Professor Poth!

Adam looks like he stepped right out of the Offspring's "Pretty Fly For a White Guy" video

". . . . Taylor Started the fire!"

real mature Matt Wall, Real Mature!

Rachel pictuer here on the left was a Kindergarten Teacher, and Jessica on the Right was Abby from NCIS

I think if Ron Jeremy and Mr. T had a love child it would be Ryan Duvall!

First shot of me right after I finished battling with that frickin' prostetic nose!

Full shot of Whitney and I in full costume! I love her stereotypical Asian poise in this one

Bailey and KaeLani looking BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Jessica Watowski looking very Groovy indeed!

Best dressed couple of the night!

Where else but on Halloween do Avril Lavigne, a mime, and Dorothy show up at the same party?

Joy as a "Mail Order Bride" very clever!

Apparently Ryan got inspired by Rhoan's earlier antics!

Me and Ottley Keepin' it real!

Check out Miss Breanne Ritchie's creepy contacts!

I think Jarna is practicing her Flamenco dancing in this picture?

Oh wait I spoke too soon, perhaps there is a tie for best dressed couple of the night!

Sierra and Kacey gettin' their dance on!

Oh look Jarna got someone to join her!

Phew are you glad that's over?. . . . me too. . . .anyway, Big Thanks to Bishop Merril's daughter and Son in Law for letting us use their home for our activity!
So here's a few goals I have for next year;
1. Find a reason to dress up atleast 4 different times (my personal record is 3)
2. But don't allow any outfits with feathers and or glitter on my face!
3. Find a way to not be in charge of anything so I can actually win a friggin costume contest for once on my life!
Oh halloween, how I do love you!
I hope you all had as much fun as I did!
Peace Out!


Krystin said...

wow, that must have taken you forever to upload all those pictures.

Whitney said...

Oh Em looking through all your pictures just made me miss you! Thanks for all your hard work with all those parties. You do help put on the best ones ever!

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