Saturday, August 8, 2009

"It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” - Joseph Joubert

Hello my dearly loved friends in the blogosphere! I am calling on you today to settle a little debate!

I know I said I wasn't going to talk about it, but I think this issue needs to be addressed. . . .

I am currently employed at Safeway working at the Deli Counter. Now because I work around a TON of food, certain measures must be taken. I had to get my food handlers permit, something I haven't done since High School ( Aced the test in case you were wondering!) My hands are now starting to feel the effect of continual washing (Now I think I know how people with OCD feel!) I can no longer wear open toe'd shoes to work (my feet get closterphobic, so this one's pretty rough!) and probably the biggest issue at hand, I am required in order to keep my hair from landing in people's potatoe salad and or fried chicken to wear one of two options

A) The Hair Net


B) The Baseball Hat

here's the deal I don't like either of these options

I've never really been a baseball hat kind of girl, mainly because I have a big head and rarely did any of them fit me right. Also, they are more of a sport wear, and I am not sporty kind of girl!

Now the hair net, well do I really need to go into details about this? I figure if I rock the hair net why not slap a big fat hairy mole on my face, put some orthepedic shoes on and call me the lunch lady!

I have opted for the ball cap because in my opinion it is the lesser of two evils

recently some of my co-workers have tried to convince me otherwise, which sparks my topic for this blog

which do you think is worse. . . . the hair net or the baseball hat

Exhibit A. . . . me in the hat

My hair after the hat! AWESOME!!!!!!

Exibit B. . . The Net
"Everyone gets enough food down here in Lunch Lady Land"

Hoagies and grinders, Hoagies and Grinders, navy Beans, navy Beans, Meatloaf Sandwich. . . . sloppy joe's, slop, sloppy joes yeah!

See what I mean? Tough Choice. . . .right? I would like to take a vote, and see which you my good blogging buddies feel is my best option, I trust your opinion enough to take the winning choice into consideration!

Man I miss work I can do my hair for. . . . oh well a job's a job!
Peace Out!


Carolyn said...

Seriously, you can rock a hair net!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Honestly I like the hat WAY better. I don't think you look that bad in it. the hair net definitely is the lunch lady. I was hoping to see you in there today!!! And from one safeway deli counter worker to another you ROCK!!! I have the worst closterphobic feet too, I HATED wearing shoes everyday there. Honestly I didn't really like that deli counter job either, but a job is a job and I did it for two summers!! It was WAY better when i got to open, I HATED closing the place!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the hat Emily! I think you look adorable with it on!!

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

Good thing you posted photo proof, or I'd have to upload my shot of you in your hat! I must say, I like the hat WAY more, and I think you rock in it! Hair net, not so much - it just screams old lunch lady...
Glad I get to see you more often!

Jenifer said...

You are rocking the hair net, but if it were me....the ball cap. And I get it....HATE to wear hats. You do look cute in both!

Katie said...

I think you look stunning in the ball cap--seriously! You can pull it off. Also, the hair post cap looks pretty killer, too. The net is too lunch lady for me. My vote is hat =-)

P.S. Wish you could have made a guest appearance on the Cube commercial with Jared and me. Isn't he huge? It makes me feel so old to think he's about to be a senior!

Anonymous said...

will they they let you wear a bandana??? (like aunt jamyma) or a do rag??? (pack on a good conditioner and deep condition while you work; multi-tasking...)
is there a "better choice" it's the lesser of two evils....

Anonymous said...

The Hat totally.

Gwen Stoker said...

Oh net=mole. Totally go with hat!!!! It makes you look SO official!!!

Mindy said...

Emily you would look way cool even with a bag over your head. I think the hat looks better cause you can see your eautiful low lights.

Kyle said...

Baseball hat. Yup, that's the one.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I don't know Emily, truly I've never seen a lovelier crowned hair net.