Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Of course, you don't have to take *my* word for it." - LeVar Burton

Living with a toddler means you get to watch all sorts of sweet children's programming. I think I've watched sesame street more in the past year then I ever did growing up, I'm consistently amazed at the stuff they have on TV for kids these days, don't get me wrong I love me some Yo Gabba Gabba, because it's crazy enough to be totally awesome, and just recently we've added Oobi to the mix, and well that's show is nuts, but I'm completely fascinated by it, anyway all these kiddy shows got me thinking about some of my favorites growing up.

Like I said, I'm certain I caught "The Street" from time to time, I  watched Barney on occasion although I must admit I was borderline too old for that show, but sometimes it was the only thing on. My memories are a bit fuzzy but I know Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo where regular programs in my line up, back when I was super little, but these ones stuck out the most in my memory of programs I couldn't get enough of as a child.

Soooooo Here goes......................

My Top 5 Favorite Kiddy Shows

Reading Rainbow-

To this day, this theme song stirs something emotional in me! If I had to name a favorite television theme song it would be this one! I was a pretty good reader growing up, so this show was right up my alley, I also had a slight crush on the host LeVar Burton, He just seemed so kind and genuine! Anywho, Reading Rainbow will always have a special place in my heart, it stirred my desire to read and use my imagination, and to that I must say thanks!

Lamb Chops Play Along-

For the most part I think Ventriloquists are kinda weird, and a little...well a lot creepy, but for whatever reason, Shari Lewis did not freak me out, I think if I had to choose someone other then Bette Midler, to steal a career from it might be hers, I mean she sang, she danced, she did magic tricks, and she did various voices for all her puppets......this all obviously screams Emily! The songs, and some of the tricks she did have stuck with me to this day and I find myself humming tunes from that show even now!

David the Gnome-

Honestly, this show was usually on before Eureka's Castle and that is the only reason why I really watched it
, one life lesson I learned from this show is that you cannot block a sneeze with a simple finger under the nose, it may subside it, but it will always come back with vengeance! So thanks David the Gnome! Thanks for helping me kill time until Eureka was on!

Eureka's Castle-

One word Magellan..... Magellan the good natured dragon with his crazy cumbersome tail that crashed into things and got him into trouble, was my favorite character, forget Eureka, she was just a sorceress in training.... but MMagellan, MMagellan was legit, he had a sweet blanket that had polka dots that moved around and entertained him, and his pets "the slurms" ... which were pretty much just clay rolled into the shape of worms, but still sweet! I loved Magellan, and I loved Eureka's castle!

Sharon, Lois, and Bram's Elephant Show-

I still don't know exactly how the elephant fit into this show, he didn't even talk...... but this show started in  Canada, so that should explain a lot! Much like Lamb Chops Play Along, this show was loved by me mainly because of the songs. I mean who doesn't love "Skinamarinki dinki dink"? And Every time Sharon would say "I Love Your Singin'!" I knew she was talking to me! Just thinkin' about it makes me smile!

What were some of your favorite kiddy shows?


Carolyn said...

Love Reading Rainbow! I also love that you posted that theme song and that I listened to it.

Piper said...

EEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I loved all of these! My kids actually have a Lamb Chop puppet!
My 3rd grade teacher actually believed in gnomes! REALLY.
My first crush was on Mr. Rogers!(gross) I remember spitting at the TV when he had his wife and son on the show.
READING RAINBOW... the best. LOVED books then, and now.
Good old public television!

Kacey Nielsen said...

I haven't thought about Eurekas Castle for an insane amount of years. That is just too crazy.

I was at the library and they had the first season of fraggle rock on dvd. I totally got it for my kids. They could not have been less interested... so sad!