Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”- Carl Gustav Jung

So, things have been CRAZZZZYYYY lately! I apologize for my lack of blogging, but I just couldn't seem to find the time. More explanations to follow for my busy schedule, but for now a little idea I took from Tameka's blog a few weeks ago. . . . .



I have my employment with Payless to thank for a large portion of these selections. These first little numbers are red suede and they sold out within a week when we first got them in. They are horribly uncomfortable, but they look amazing on!

These Teal Green Pointy Toe heels are another example of "Pain is Beauty"! I really like to torture myself, because I have these in Fuschia, and might go back for the purple if they're still in stalk! My favorite part is the little bows in back!
Side Note: Don't mind the heel grips on the inside of these first two pairs, I know it looks pretty tacky, but it was slightly unavoidable!

My friends make fun of me because these look like little kid shoes, but I don't care because I think they are adorable! And I'm pretty sure they all know I have growing up issues anyway, so is it really that big of a shock?

When I worked at the Payless in Idaho Falls, we got these in just as the furry boot craze was starting to take flight a few years ago, and because our area is always the last to get hit with anything trendy, I was pretty shocked these even got sent our way! Also shocking. . . . . the price tag! They wanted $35 dollars for those babies and in payless money that's like spending $200! At a time when the most expensive woman shoe was $19.99 and $35 dollars was like grocery's for a month, I was thinkin' ain't no way anybody would buy those, not to mention the fact that they looked like somebody skinned a muppet baby to make them. Needless to say I was right about the price. It took them two weeks and they went on sale, they where a clearance item in no time, and I snatched them up with my Payless bucks after they where marked down to $10 and essentially got them for free. I use them now when I want to get a good laugh, because those boots combined with these legs and it just screams comedy!


Ok so one day I was working at the Down East Outfitter Kiosk in the Grand Teton Mall, and I was bored so I was thumbing through a People Magazine and I noticed Sienna Miller wearing a pair of knit boots, and I seriously thought they where the cutest things I've ever seen. I was checking it out further and found out her paticular pair cost like $250! Then a couple days later, I was walking past a store called Vanity on my lunch break and I came across these gems on the clearance table! Well due to my ridiculously large calfs and double wide feet, and meaning as the store catered to strictly the skinny and hungry, I thought no way these will fit, but did I try them on anyway. . . yep sure did. It must have been fate because they fit perfectly and have been keeping my feet warm every winter since! Bonus: they where $5 bucks. . . . dreams do come true!


Yet another pair of little kid shoes, but these have music notes and guitars! Have you ever seen anything cuter??? and the inside is piano keys! Sent from shoe heaven!


These are my favorite souvenir from San Fran! I got these in ChinaTown! They always come un buckled and they make my feet stink something awful, but I love them!


If I could wear these everyday, please believe I totally would, they are by far the most comfortable Heel I've ever owned, plus they gotta huge boy on them that's adorable! I payed full price for these and have never looked back!


I call these my "stunna shoes". I originally bought them for a Halloween costume but have continued to wear them whenever I need some attention. I won SpringFest Idol in these shoes, so you could also say they are pretty lucky!
Lastly. . . . .


I have loved animal print since middle school, it's kind of my thing, If I had to pick a favorite color, I wish it could be this! 2nd to the brown pair these shoes are pretty comfortable too! They also grab attention, when I wear them to church boys even comment on them! I picked these as my number one choice because they embody everything I love about shoes!

That's all folks! Until next time. . . .Peace Out!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Hi Honey, I've missed you! I really like your happy little heart colored shoes-they're great! And, I understand about the painful ones...sometimes we just have to give up a life of comfort and happiness for style!

I hope you post more soon, I miss having a good laugh!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

ok those brown heels with the bows are ADORABLE! where did you get them? I also have a problem with wide feet, it makes it terribly hard to find shoes.

Anonymous said...

I am particularly fond of the "huge boy" on selection #8.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

These are great...and the pillow as your base makes them even better. Your dialogue only adds to them.

The Boyce's said...

Love the shoes! I was thinking about copying you and doing a shoe post, but all I wear are flip flops!! I love all your random blogs though! Sure does make me miss being around you! haha

Gwen Stoker said...

Amazing as usual. Not gonna lie...I might have to follow suit. Don't hate that I'm an idea stealer bc I know you love my shoes just as much as I do.

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